Larder | Essential Eggs from Cherished Chickens

01 Mar 2015
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Cackleberry Farm is nestled at the bottom of a hill just outside Stow-on-the-Wold and provides some of London’s best restaurants with exquisite eggs.

Eggs might feel ordinary or basic and essential. They are the basis for many a good meal and if you think about it, well designed to boot! You can turn them into something sweet or savoury, to your liking, and for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is perhaps not a more versatile ingredient to keep around your kitchen.

Eggs are special. From the type of egg, to the atmosphere that the chickens live in to what they eat and even, if they listen to music or not can all give you a dramatically different outcome on the quality of the final product. It’s an old adage, what you put in is what you get out — so if you put nice things into rearing your chicken, then you get nice eggs. Seems simple!

Enter Paddy & Steph Bourns. They are egg obsessed. Paddy grew upwith a father who was a poultry farmer, so, as hesays, he has it in his blood. After a stint in organic farming, he set up his own farm with a focus on producing the most exquisite eggs possible. Paddy and his wife don’t only take great care of their birds, but also of the land and feed; it is a symbiotic relationship which helps provide an exceptional product that have been winning over chefs and cooks around the country.

Their rare breed flocks live in traditional chicken houses on 12 acres of land, with perches and are entirely free range. We’re talking chicken in trees, shrubs. Chickens along the road to the house. This farm should be the definition of free range.

The white egg might get a bad rap what with all of the colorful eggs in browns and blues hitting supermarkets, but these are about as far away from supermarket eggs as you will find. Their Arlington White Eggs are simply stunning. With a deep rich flavour, that borders on a grassy note with a yolk color that reminds me of a summer sun. They taste healthy and so nutritious. We tried it quickly soft boiled and then added on top of some monk’s beard (or agretti) that had been stirfried in some anchiove butter. It is the perfect accompaniment to the richness of the egg.

With passion comes flavor, and taste is paramount for Paddy & Steph. From the way they treat the birds to the select feed they give them sparingly to the music they play for them to encourage strong hells, the chickens are relaxed and friendly, and so, their eggs are of the highest quality.

Not sure how to cook your eggs? We have compiled of egg cooking methods from around the world to help you out.

Cackleberry Farm

Burford Road


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 1JY