La Maison Valmont Opens Flagship Store at Le Meurice, Paris

09 Sep 2020
2 min read
Swiss luxury beauty brand La Maison Valmont has opened the doors to its Parisian flagship store at the iconic Le Meurice hotel. Back in 2007, Le Meurice selected Valmont as the luxury cosmetics expert for its spa, Spa Valmont Pour Le Meurice, and the pair have since formed an exclusive, long-standing partnership. 

A fitting location for the deluxe beauty brand’s flagship, the equally sumptuous Le Meurice, Paris is an exquisite Dorchester Collection hotel located in the the heart of the historic city. The boutique spans an expansive 52 sqm, and with an enviable location nestled on the rue de Castiglione, it’s one of the most exclusive beauty stores i n Paris.

Designed by the president of the Valmont Group, Didier Guillon, La Maison Valmont at Le Meurice is a truly elegant affair. Boasting the characteristic white and gold décor of La Maison Valmont, the boutique also features clean lines, bright lights and pops of vibrant shades. The walls are also adorned with a personalized selection of artworks signed by prominent international artists such as Christy Lee Rogers and David Tremlett.

The new flagship store fuses Valmont’s existing elements of their Swiss heritage, outstanding service, skincare and fragrance expertise, and artwork, and blends them with the sophistication and artistic flair of Paris that Le Meurice, Paris embodies. Every one of the boutique’s services will be dedicated to guests’ well-being.

With its own separate entrance, the boutique will guide guests directly to Spa Valmont Pour Le Meurice, where they will be greeted warmly and offered expert advice through every step of their visit, yet still feel free to browse without constraint. The group’s cosmetics range and Sophie Vann-Guillon fragrances created will also be available for purchase at the store. La Maison Valmont will be open Tuesday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

La Maison Valmont marks itself as the second  Valmont beauty laboratory on the Le Meurice property, as it directly connects with the famous, much-celebrated Spa Valmont. For more than 3 decades, the Valmont Group has nurtured its reputation as creators of the most luxurious and exclusive Swiss skin care and anti-aging products. The brand pillars include Valmont skin care, l’Elixir des Glaciers skin care, and Storie Veneziane fragrances.

The Valmont Group also recently purchased the historic Venetian palace, Palazzo Bonvicini, which is now the official home of Fondation Valmont. Fondation Valmont hosts art exhibitions on an ongoing basis, many of which are personally curated by Guillon, who boasts many years of art exhibition curation. He has taken part in some of the most impressive international art shows in some of the world’s largest cities, including Venice for the Biennale as well as in Switzerland, Greece, and New York City.