Kitchen Architecture

23 Jan 2018
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Gaggenau presents the new Vario cooling 400 series. Cooling that makes an architectural statement.

Gaggenau, the luxury professional-grade kitchen appliance manufacturer, unveils the brand new Vario cooling 400 series. A fully integrated, built-in modular range of refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezers and wine climate cabinets which can be partnered to meet an array of interior needs. The imposing, progressive design of this range commands visual admiration, whilst maintaining integral professional capabilities.

Inspired by grand architectural structures, the new Vario cooling 400 series has been designed for those who appreciate the aesthetically advanced. Combining modularity with the smooth lines of seamless integration, these sculpted appliances redefine the landscape of the functional kitchen.

Sven Baacke, Head of Design, Global Brand Gaggenau, comments: “This new range for Gaggenau is the very essence of refinement in the luxury kitchen appliance market. We see extraordinary interior aesthetics as something that should be seen in all spheres of life, including the kitchen. With the new range, every wish for an extraordinary interior space can be fulfilled. Staged beautifully and with perfect illumination, you are no longer simply storing wine or refrigerating, you are making a statement.”

Gaggenau is a manufacturer of high-quality home appliances and acknowledged as an innovation leader in design and technology “Made in Germany”. The company, with a history dating back to 1683, has revolutionised the domestic kitchen with its internationally acclaimed products. Gaggenau’s success is founded on technological innovation and a clear design language combined with high functionality.


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