Journey into Junoon

22 Feb 2017
2 min read
Rosa Mirzaie heads to Michelin-starred Junoon in Dubai to sample the tastes of the award-winning restaurant that puts a modern twist on classic Indian cuisine.

Junoon brand, winner of a Michelin star for four consequent years, courtesy of Vikas Khanna, launched its dubai extension 2 years ago. In Junoon, Indian food takes a modern twist, or better put, avant garde one, to itself.

As you enter the quaintly decorated scene of Junoon in 2nd floor of shangri-la hotel located at sheikh Zayed road, you are taken by the aura and aromatic expressions of Indian culture, read spices, which promises you a ride on a roller coaster of tastes and flavours. The creative menu presents you with either a gala, or vegetarian gala, combination of three courses and a dessert, or DIY the course from among exquisite appetizers, kebab, fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, Daal, Biryani & accompaniments and bread & rice.

Let your experience be the choice of the acclaimed chef,who has beentrained by Vikas Khanna himself. You are servedsignature dishes which take you to high picks of fine dining. One of thestarters, the eggplant chaat, renders indescribable. You had never thought such a simple vegetable couldturn into a miracle by Indian, locally-infused, cuisine. If you optto sample some of theveggie choices made from more sophisticated ingredients, why not appetite yourself with peshwari khumb?This dish consists of Crimini mushroom, pistachio, yogurt, crispy shitake and enoki salad, which takes thedefinition of mushroom to another level.

Meanwhile, internationally renowned mixologist and bar manager of the restaurant, Dejan Pavicic, brings out your fantasy of a drink, or his signature, U’luvka Gold Martini.The latter being anelegant expression on a classic dry martini, butwith an addedzest of23 carat gold. Sip on your drink and enjoy the second course of Murgh Tikka Mirza Hasnu if you are a chicken lover and you want to have an unprecedented marination variation; or have art and food intertwined in the fancy seafood dish, Saloni Macchi of ocean trout Tikka, beet korma, sea foam, raw beet; which is basically an artwork of trout highlight in a context of greenish ocean, and be sure that the experience which your gustatory sense undergoes will not lag behind that of your visual sense. Third course introduces winner of the game of meats, lamb, which is spiced yet subdued and minimalistic in decoration and accompaniments to make sure it will represent a primitive aura about it as expected. However, our favorite part has yet to come…the dessert.

The pastry chef, Asrar Ahmed, this sweet Indian man, puts up a parade in front of you, which takes you beyond the image of delicate dessert dishes. As he arrives at your table with his steaming kitchen island, you will observe more of thetheatre of hospitality. He entertains incessantly whether by his magician-resembling moves, when he is making your dessert in your presence, or by final creations. Tograspanidea of what his Sandlewood Parfait is, imaginesteaming liquid nitrogen to create the perfect evolution of ice cream. Or consider ethereal and unearthly as there are no other words to describe the texture or the taste. Not less are Coconut mousse, or Coconut barfi decorated with eloquent architectural design.

Junoon, as its Indian name suggests, is a frenzy of Indian – middle eastern exquisite food experience in a place which tries to depict cozy more that fancy.


Second Floor

Shangri-La Hotel

Sheikh Zayed Rd


United Arab Emirates

+971 4 405 2717