JOJACK | A new perspective on men’s grooming

19 Nov 2016
2 min read
Get to know JOJACK Switzerland, a men’s grooming company that brings quality and practicality to your daily grooming routine. FOUR hears from the brains behind the project…

Six months traveling and a business for life…

Deciding to leave behind a comfortable life on the shores of Geneva lake and embrace the world was a hard choice that the founders, Thais and John, of this Swiss start-up, made a few years ago. They left their stable positions at a multinational company to travel the world followed by their instincts, seeking for freedom, new experiences and, potentially, rewarding surprises.

Upon their first destination, Bangkok, the JOJACK idea started to be conceived. On the first day, John asked Thais for a shampoo, as he hadn’t brought any products with him. “They were too big and too many for my bag” said John. Suddenly, just like that, a brilliant idea: why not create products for men, which combine quality and practicality? Plus, how about adding natural ingredients and build a brand image with a lifestyle appeal, bringing the explorer soul of the founders to the brand’s DNA! So here we are…two years after, the JOJACK idea grew to become a reality in men’s care industry.

JOJACK is made for every man who wants to have more time to do what’s really important in life: enjoying every little moment! Either surfing, mountain biking, taking the kids to the movies, chilling out on the beach, dinning out with the loved one…but always groomed; a shaved face, or a soften beard and a clean skin… the importance is to save time with the daily grooming in order to spend more time doing what you love!

JOJACK products are made with great natural ingredients, such as rosemary, olive oil, passion fruit and lemon. The formulas have No petrochemical products, No parabens, No artificial color and are cruelty free (without ingredients from animal source) and are not tested on animals.

Do you want to have a face moisturizer and pre/after shaving in the same product? Try Jojack Face moisturizer and Shaving Gel. How about a wash gel to wash hair, face and beard in just one bottle? Try Jojack Wash gel 3 in 1. Looking to treat well your beard? Try the awesome Beard Oil

Also, Jojack has amazing accessories like razors, nail kit, scissors and toilet bag. For business men or travel lovers try the Mini travel razor, exceptional razor to shave during trips, an elegant tool that gives all the comfort you need for a great shaving experience with the practical Gillette Fusion blade.

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