Jetsetters | We are Japan

25 Sep 2017
2 min read
FOUR looks at ‘We Are Japan’, ANA’s insight into all things Japanese, allows guests to discover the true spirit of the country.

Uncovering Japan’s best kept secrets, its cutting-edge design, exclusive destinations, and once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences, We Are Japan introduces guests to the country’s endless possibilities.

Let ANA show you the best places to Eat, Drink, See, Stay, Do, and Discover, and experience life in the luxury of Japan.


Relax in the Shadow of Mount Fuji

A greener alternative to be found on We Are Japan is the Hoshinya Fuji resort; these modern architectural cabins are nestled deep in the pine forests of Lake Kawaguchi, boasting panoramic views of Fuji’s breathtaking summit. Each private cabin is characteristically Japanese in its minimalist design, but luxe with a private balcony overlooking the lake. Whether exploring the forest on horseback or drinking sake under the stars, discover the joys that can be found in nature whilst staying in one of Japan’s more hidden destinations.


Japan’s Island Paradise

Amongst the many destinations on We Are Japan are the tropical Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa. For a welcome break from your ordinary island getaway, look no further than Japan’s pure white beaches, rich with palm trees and endless coral reefs – perhaps not the first things that spring to mind when you think of Japan. For those searching for an alternative tropical holiday, ANA shows you how to escape the beaten track with these lesser-known islands and experience the exclusivity that Japan has to offer.


Craft Sake Amongst the Sakura

Travellers with a more refined palate understand that treating their taste buds to a new experience is an essential part of any getaway. Japan’s answer to this is the emergence of an exclusive new artisan drink, replacing pint glasses of craft beer with sake cups. We Are Japan gives a taster of the smoothest craft sakes on offer, initiating your taste buds into the world of premium Japanese brewing with a trip to Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills in the Spring of 2018.

Coinciding with cherry blossom season, 100 producers offer guests a chance to sample the small batch, hands-on brewing with premium sake brands. With this handmade production perfectly reflecting the quality craftsmanship synonymous with Japanese culture, the opportunity to experience Japan with all of your senses comes through ANA.



ANA takes you there

We Are Japan is the perfect insight into Japan for any luxury traveller. With each opportunity uncovered and brought to life by ANA, experiencing the traditional culture of kindness in Japan begins from the comfort of your plane seat.

Awarded Skytrax’s highest accolade for the 5th consecutive year, and as Japan’s only 5-star airline, guests understand that ANA is Japan, refined hosts through thousands of years of tradition. Whether it’s for ancient culture, modern design, undiscovered beauty or the most exclusive cuisine in the world, travel in luxury with ANA to over 45 domestic locations.

With direct daily flights to Tokyo from Europe and North America, no matter what experiences you seek, ANA takes you there.


Discover Japan with ANA for yourself at We Are Japan.