Japan | The ideal escape

15 Oct 2017
2 min read
Discover Japan’s unique destinations, ancient traditions, and best kept secrets with We Are Japan, ANA’s exclusive insight into the ideal escape.

We Are Japan

Japan starts with ANA

Uncovering luxury experiences that cater to each individual’s desires, let ANA show you that Japan has even more to offer than Tokyo’s breathtaking city life and Kyoto’s ancient temples, and experience the best places to Eat, Drink, See, Stay, Do, and Discover with We Are Japan.


Japan’s Luxurious Floating Hotel

Japan’s first floating hotel is a cruise ship like no other. Designed by renowned architect Yasushi Horibe, Guntu sets sail around the serene Setouchi inland sea for the first time this September. Named after the flavourful blue crab found in the destination famous for its fresh sea food, Guntu also treats guests to freshly caught fish and sushi prepared by the hotel’s accomplished chefs. Leaving from Onomichi, the floating hotel also has tender boats on hand, giving guests the opportunity to explore nearby islands and coastline. The floating hotel offers luxury travel at its finest, with 19 exclusive rooms providing even the most seasoned traveller with a truly unique experience.


Behind-the-scenes at Kabuki Theatre

We Are Japan also offers a rare glimpse into Japanese culture with some of the most immersive and impressive theatre in the world. With an exclusive insight into the world of Kabuki theatre, guests can experience the awe-inspiring process undertaken by Japan’s most skilled performers, actors, artists and musicians. Every aspect of a Kabuki performance is painstakingly crafted, with traditional make-up, otherworldly set designs, and elaborate costumes all perfected to honour the tradition of kabuki theatre, established over hundreds of years.


A Six-Course VR Banquet

If you travel in search of premium cuisines, let We Are Japan introduce you to some of the best and most innovative dining experiences in the world. Tree by Naked, located on the edge of Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park, is a virtual reality restaurant, allowing diners to travel through an immersive three-story installation whilst enjoying a six-course meal. The ambitious project is the work of Ryotaro Muramatsu, acclaimed designer and digital artist, and promises to fuse cutting edge technology with premium experimental cooking. With just two eight-person sittings per day, Tree is just one of the exclusive culinary experiences uncovered by ANA, reserved only for guests in search of the truly unique.


Experience the 5-star Japan

ANA, Japan’s only 5-star airline, offers the opportunity to experience Japan from the moment you board your flight. Awarded Skytrax’s highest accolade for the 5th year in a row, ANA recognises that guests value the quality of their service, built from thousands of years of tradition.

With daily flights to Tokyo direct from North America, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf and Brussels, ANA offers the opportunity to fly in luxury to over 45 domestic locations.

So whether it’s for cuisine, relaxation, undiscovered locations, or traditional culture, discover Japan for yourself with We Are Japan, ANA’s insight into all things Japanese.