Interior Coups de Coeur

15 Sep 2014
2 min read
The summer is over and it is time for your interior to get dressed for the autumn/winter season. Here are Maxime Jacquet’s ultimate “coups de coeur” to have in your house for this season…

Neons made a come-back for this season. It is not only a great manner to create a mood into a room but it’s also a way of building a strong design impact. One of my favourite UK artists, Tracey Emin, wrote unexpected quotes that will leave each of us speechless and that the more daring people will love having up their wall.


Did you ever imagine having a 3-metersilver pair of jeans, a life-size King Kong or even a giant crocodile in your flat? With French artist and sculptor Richard Orlinski, everything is possible! His art is composed of some of the most unique and contemporary art pieces I’ve seen. Not only can they be mixed in every interior but you can also get the colour you wish, from baby pink to chrome all is possible.


Let there be crystal! Any space could use a touch of crystal.It can be used to create a traditional feel but can also be very modern and avant-garde. The creations of the artist Geraldine Gonzalez are a living proof of it. Each piece is a delight for your eyes and you can actually feel how precious each piece is. From a hanging crystal chair to a crystal ladder climbing to your dreams, crystal never felt so good and unique.


Selecting rugs is always one of the toughest decisions to make, the extraordinary Kyle Bunting Hide is the ultimate solution. Customise the size you need with the look you want, nothing is impossible with the master of hide. Imagination is all you need, time to get your rug with your personality ready for the winter.


Scent is one of the best ways to bring back memories and evade from reality. The exclusive candle brand Baobab is the next level for candles, from their giant ones to the smallest ones each scent can bring back memories and make you travel around the world. The best way to relax your mind is having one of them on your coffee table. They are much more than just candles, they become accent pieces thanks to their eye appealing design. This could also be the perfect gift to bring when invited to a dinner party.

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