Intense luxury

06 Jul 2016
3 min read
A guide to finding your own personality and fashion-forward style for your home interiors, exclusively written by Maxime Jacquet…

Fashion isn’t just for the runway or Fifth Avenue. Fashion is incorporated into every interior concept I design. It is through fashion that we express our true selves.

When designing for a client, I not only feel the space, I have to feel them as a person. That’s why my projects are more lifestyle-inspired. I’m giving that person a new personality, or rather, I am just modifying the way they express it.

Whether you shop at thrift stores, H&M or Chanel, you must always put your efforts towards self-expression. The way we dress is just as important as the way we speak to and how we treat others. Therefore, when you invite guests over to your house, you want to show who you are! Even shy people can still have a fabulous interior. At the end of the day, the design represents them as an individual, and that is what is most attractive about a space, and what makes it a comfortable place to be in.

So how do you do this in your home? Well, I’ve included pictures and tips for ways to suit your personality with the objects in your interior. Interiors + Lifestyle + Luxury is what I do best so let me teach you how to interiorise your life to the Max.

Now, if you are a young professional and want to live like your age, go for my favourite: Intense Luxury. Any interior can be dazzling with the right amount of contrasting yet simple colour pallets, some fur, a few accents of gold or copper, and if you can, a crystal chandelier.


Go for blacks and whites. And don’t be afraid, a black wall is like your little black dress, it always works. You can play with super pure white and satin finish black paint. Incorporate some French style art on the walls in ornate gold frames and the contrast will intensify any room.


No luxury interior is complete without a tufted sofa. Leather tufted is always a rich touch, however, you can custom upholster any simple sofa with a fabulous fabric and have it tufted. If you want to go for a sexy chic, try a nude or white leather that mimics gator or snake skin.

Blankets & Rugs

Finding the right accent pillows and area rugs can make or break a room. This is another area you should not be afraid to explore design options. Incorporating a thick braided rug will make things more comfortable and warm against the intense luxury objects. You can also go for a hide rug. They come in all sorts of colours and prints. If you do a black walled room, go for a black and white zebra.


Copper is one of my signatures and it is the perfect unisex colour with a touch of elegance. The shiny reflectiveness of the copper that usually is chrome is a pleasant surprise that can tie into any room arrangement.


Chandeliers are extravagant, but if you want to make an impact of true luxury, you must have at least one. You can buy some very affordable ones—you just have to look. I have one hanging in my office. It just adds a touch of glam that is the perfect accessory for any space.

I hope this list of tips and tricks helps you find some personality and eclecticism for your interior. My biggest advice is to never be afraid of being too bold in your interior. You’ll always create the element of surprise and you will keep the energy alive in your home. This will result in a more confident and happy YOU!