Hotel St. George Opens In Helsinki

13 May 2018
2 min read
Hotel St. George has officially opened its doors in the heart of Finland’s capital

Set in an historic building just across from the Old Church Park, and nestled in a thriving neighbourhood, the newly revamped hotel offers a re-imagination of the ‘grand hotel’ in the most contemporary sense. Crafted almost entirely by Finnish creatives, Hotel St. George presents luxury with a modern edge.

While the most archaic sections of Hotel St. George date back to the 1840s, the most iconic section, designed by architect Onni Tarjanne, was completed in 1890. A household name, Tarjanne is best known for designing the Finnish National Theatre in 1902.

Through the years, the building at Yrjönkatu 13 has housed the Finnish Literature Society SKS, the printing house for the first Finnish newspaper Suometar and The Helsinki Finnish Club. With the concept of transformation being a key component in the hotel’s story, it’s perhaps fitting that the hotel has such an interesting and varied history.

Now, the seven-story building has been reinvented and connected to an adjacent five-story structure, with a number of lavish amenities – including three dining options, a modern spa and a series of individually decorated rooms and suites.

Everything is bound together by an impressive art collection that rivals many of the city’s galleries, the most prominent piece being an awe-inspiring sculpture by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, which takes centre stage in the entrance gallery.

The rooms
The 148 guest rooms and five suites offer six categories to choose from, bathed in natural light and alternating hues of soft mint green, pearl grey, and delicate browns. Interiors feature furniture design classics from Vitra, Classicon, &tradition and Sibast; artwork by Finnish pioneers of abstract modern art; Poulsen lighting fixtures; and herringbone parquet flooring.

The five suites take inspiration from Finland, Helsinki, and the building itself—the Finlandia Suite, for example, honours Finland’s 2017 centenary, while The Poetry Suite and the Church Park Suite are linked to the city’s cultural history.

The food
For the foodies, indulge at Restaurant Andrea, a contemporary destination restaurant that explores the connection between Nordic and Mediterranean cuisine or dig in George Bakery, a small subterranean grocery store and deli that fabulously fresh dishes.

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