Hospitality Action | It could happen to you

17 Jul 2015
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With a brand new campaign out that features some of the UK’s best chefs, HA highlights the great ways in which the charity works to help people in the hospitality industry.
It could happen to you

The benevolent charity, Hospitality Action, has always tried it best to raise awareness of the work it does within the hospitality industry, but never more so than with its most recent campaign – ‘It could happen to you’.

The recently launched campaign features hard-hitting images of popular chefs who have seemingly fallen victim to common problems that happen within every society, and every career path.With the help of renowned UK chefs such as; Hospitality Action’s Patron and Trustee, Jason Atherton, Angela Hartnett, Heston Blumenthal, Ashley Palmer-Watts and Tom Kerridge, we see issues such as addiction, domestic violence, illness, depression and injury all portrayed in the graphic images. It’s a message that speaks loud and clear about the possibility of all of these things potentially happening to every hospitality worker, and never has there been a greater time to raise awareness of these matters.

Speaking about the new campaign, CEO of Hospitality Action, Penny Moore says:

“The emotive and powerful images capture very real problems that afflict people in this industry, whilst the slogan drills home the message to those working in or associated with the hospitality industry that it really could happen to anyone.”
“Last year our Employee Assistance Programme enabled 80,000 employees from 70 different companies to access 24/7 support and assistance. In 2014 we spent almost £600,000 supporting 1,790 people in need. We hope the campaign will raise greater awareness of the charity and highlight how we can help industry employees to find the right solutions to the problems they’re facing.”

The charity aims to do exactly that and since 1837 has always strived to provide a lifeline. Its aim of offering support, financial aid, education and advice to all current and former hospitality industry workers who find themselves in a crisis, either at work or in their personal lives, has never been more important and we must all value the incredible work they do.

Discussing the charity, Jason Atherton said,

“The support and assistance Hospitality Action gives is invaluable. The charity offers aid, kindness and understanding when people are often at their lowest and most vulnerable and this is a real life changer for many, myself included, and cannot not be underestimated.”

If you would like to make a donation to Hospitality Action text Chef15 £5 to 70070

For more information about the charity, please visit