Herrenfahrt | The height of gentlemen’s car care

09 Mar 2016
2 min read
With many of you happily playing with your new toys from the festive season, make sure you invest in the best care for your new rides. FOUR finds out what makes Herrenfahrt the brand of choice of most luxury car dealers when it comes to car maintenance…
HERRENFAHRT | The height of gentlemen’s car care
Classic care from the bygone era

Since the end of 2014, the start-up HERRENFAHRT from Mannheim has been responsible for a breath of fresh air in the car care market. Its aim is to bring back “gentlemen’s car care” in the spirit of the grand automobile culture of the illustrious 1920s into present times.

Keeping with the tradition of the “Gentleman Drivers” of the past, the racing drivers who drove, maintained and cared for their own car, the products provide every car enthusiast with the possibility of giving their vehicle the same amount of attention and care as those gentlemen of the past did.

The whole product range from washing concentrate to quick detailer is like the packaging “Made in Germany” with a passion for detail. Wooden boxes, metal cans instead of plastic containers, a matte black glass jar for the Premium Carnauba Wax – subtle elegance is an essential element of the character of HERRENFAHRT.

The core of the product series is the handmade Hybrid wax: the purest Grade-One Carnauba Wax combined with surface hardening ingredients such as acrylic and teflon makes for a unique deep gloss and lasting protection against environmental impacts. It assorts perfectly with the monomeric silicon based Spray Shine, which is gentle on the paint because of the electrostatic interaction.It is an easily applied and highly effective spray, that leaves an excellent mirror finish.

Mobile car care at your service

Aside from the look, value conservation and increase continue to play a bigger role, especially for owners of classic cars. In order to do this, it is advisable to see a professional detailer minimum. once a year. In addition to a growing network of selected professional detailers in Germany – partly located in classic car centres like Klassikstadt Frankfurt or Motorworld Böblingen – HERRENFAHRT also offers a worldwide mobile car care service, which will look after your vehicle(s) at your place. Even the Porsche Centre Mannheim and Frankfurt are engaging the services of HERRENFAHRT for some of their special cars.

Furthermore, the young brand is even offering workshops, in which every car enthusiast can learn and practice the easy application of the products on their own car. It is also possible to organize such a workshop as an event – as Bentley Düsseldorf already did for special customers. This year, HERRENFAHRT was represented at all great classic car shows like Techno Classica in Essen with live detailing and thus a good possibility for anyone interested to see a pre-post comparison.

Bespoke designs

Combining special high quality products with a unique and noble design of puristic materials, the paint care series is an appropriate present to express passion and appreciation. HERRENFAHRT is open to every wish of personalization: accredited dealers like Rolls Royce Cologne and Dörr Group in Frankfurt apply the Premium Collection with an individual engraving to endow their customers. Apart from the known collections and kits, you can assemble all products and packaging as desired.


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