Heart of the city

23 Nov 2017
2 min read
First-class service, high-tech rooms, and a stylish hotel in the heart of London. FOUR checks into ME London…

As someone who lived in London for many years, I always opted to stay and visit the south west of the city, so suburbs like Knightsbridge, Chelsea or South Kensington. I always felt central London was more of a place to visit, rather than to stay because of the nightlife/ restaurant scene but felt it never had that cosy feel due to the chaos of the surrounding areas. My view on that has now completely changed; the ME London finds a perfect balance of calm while being walking distance from Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and theaters of Drury Lane.

When you first walk into the property, its nice but nothing really special, quite understated. It become really impressive when you come out of the lift onto the first floor, where the reception is located. This is The Atrium, where guests check in: an almost 100-foot-high hollow white marble pyramid with a mesmerizing light show across its walls, that draws your attention to the light shaft at the top of the pyramid.

The room floors are equally as impressive with floor to ceiling corridors in stunning black marble, black carpets and doors, definitely appealing to a younger, trendy audience. The hotel in general seems focused to a more party going crowd that still has the spending power, so they won’t have to compromise on style and comfort.

I stayed in the Chic Suite, which is the hotel’s junior suite category. The space is very comfortable with triangular shape windows that break away from the original hotel structure, so you feel you are still have connection to the busy streets below yet there is a complete silence. The main focus of the room is technology, which didn’t always work well, well it least in my room but the team were very quick to try resolve the situation and make my stay comfortable. Where the room becomes really impressive is in the huge bathroom space covered in marble and luxurious walk in showers.

ME has definitely made their F&B division a strong focus throughout the property, with STK and Radio Rooftop Bar, both huge hotspots on the London night scene and well respected global brands that have other Locations in Los Angeles, Milan and Ibiza to mention a few.

The services is impeccable from the welcome to general everyday staff that assistance with stay. What impressed me the most was the concierge team, generally in modern hotels they don’t give a strong focus to this element, yet at the ME they made their presence noticeable, in a good way, as I felt they paid attention what my needs were and assisted in travel requirements, theater tickets, amongst other things.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy my stay as much as I did and can only say great things about this property. There is another plus side, I believe it is incredible value for money, especially in bigger room categories, which would be equivalent to a small room in a 5 star property in Mayfair, Belgravia or Knightsbridge, yet you don’t compromise of service.


ME London Hotel