Haute Healthcare Holidays | Clinique La Prairie

12 Nov 2019
3 min read
World-renowned ultra-luxe Swiss medical clinic and wellness destination, Clinique La Prairie, shares with FOUR why your next holiday should be a complete medical assessment of your health…

It is not often that you can enjoy complete peace of mind while getting the best medical attention, all whilst you are on a relaxing holiday. Clinique La Prairie, with its luxurious setting, ultra-attentive service and comprehensive medical evaluations, gives you exactly this unprecedented holiday with their wide variety of dreamy health and wellness packages on offer in the Swiss Alps.

Clinique La Prairie, which was founded in 1931 by longevity pioneer Professor Niehans, has cemented its international reputation as an illustrious medical clinic and wellness destination. Situated in Switzerland, a country revered for its high level of medical expertise and care, Clinique La Prairie is regarded as a leading light in preventative medicine due to its unique Revitalization Program, designed to promote vitality, enhance the immune system and slow down the aging process – all underpinned by its ongoing scientific research.

The property offers 39 rooms and suites in three separate buildings for guests to stay in, all which boast excellent amenities and stunning views of the surrounding Alps. The Residence, Clinique La Prairie’s original building, is reminiscent of the opulent charm of early 20th-century grand hotels. The multi-award-winning Medical Spa of Clinique La Prairie is an oasis of beauty and wellness. Carefully crafted by the clinic’s medical team, the Spa menu features over 50 results-oriented treatments that provide impressive, visible outcomes, promising to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clientele.

Clinique La Prairie has also recently introduced a new Medical Check-Up Program, which is an optimal prevention plan that aids in identifying and successfully treating disorders at an early stage, sometimes even before the onset of the first symptoms. While staying in the comfort of the beautiful, award-winning spa-clinic, guests immerse themselves into a plethora of wellness and medical treatments carried out by the healing hands of their team of specialists. These programs offer a deep insight into your health status with detailed treatments and consultations including laboratory analyses, carotid doppler and abdominal ultrasounds, HRCT thorax and heart calcium scoring, an ECG, stress test and ENT exam, electrocardiogram,  spirometry, dietetic consultations and personalised advice at the aesthetic centre along with gastronomic meals and full nursing care.

The full medical check-up also includes a colonoscopy as well as an ophthalmological and neurological evaluation, physical fitness tests, rheumatology and an osteoporosis diagnostic. Clinique La Prairie’s team of over 50 multi-disciplinary medical practitioners all work together to deliver a complete medical, nutritional, fitness and holistic lifestyle plan designed specifically for you.

This new first-class diagnostic and preventive screening program is recommended for patients from mid-thirties onward, and provides a complete assessment of the state of health in just a few days, and is completed while you enjoy the spa facilities, enabling you to return home fully rested and revitalized. The Medical Check-up Program is offered under both a four-day medical program and a longer six-night advanced wellness program that includes relaxing facial treatments, massages and personal training sessions.

Through state-of-the-art screening, the Medical Check-Up Programs cover every aspect of one’s physical health, including dental evaluation, using the latest technology and scientific know-how to provide the most efficient evaluation.  Clinique La Prairie not only provides 5-star hospitality during one’s stay, but also delicious healthy meals prepared in their gastronomic restaurant, while guests relax in the luxurious surroundings of their award-winning Spa.

A Medical wellness program is a great way to take care of your health & well-being in a natural way and this legendary Montreux restful lake retreat provides the ultimate haven of peace and serenity in the Swiss Alps.

Sign up for Clinique La Prairie’s Medical Check-Up Program and get your health the life-long wellness it deserves. Prices start from CHF 12,900 (Medical Check-up) and  CHF 16,500 (Check-Up & Wellness). Find out more here.