Steelfire | The ultimate in outdoor cooking

12 Nov 2017
2 min read
Not just for summer, FOUR tries out the best grill experience and fire steaming options with Steelfire.

With Steelfire’s latest products, you and your guests will be enthusiastic before the barbecue experience has begun. The reason for this lies in one main reason – a fire station wrapped in a steel dress and decorated like a sculpture for your garden, which soon becomes a place of sociability and entertainment.

When fired, the grill emits a homely warmth and contained fire, as well as heating a modern cooking  panel. The combination of the charming fire-side warmth and light, with fully functioning bbq means that the grill creates both a social meeting place, whilst also being able to produce a fine grill menu.

Delicious vegetables, crispy rösti, the most delicious appetizers, all types of meat can be prepared by you and your guests. The possible applications of steelfire are limitless.
It’s grilled and cooked on the space-rich circular steel surface. You can also make a delicious cheese fondue or a soup by simply placing the fondue-caquelon or the pan on the grill plate. From the starter over the main course to the dessert all meals can be prepared without stress, giving you more time to spend with your family or guests.

Useful accessories such as the Steelfire spatula as well as the lid, which protects the grill from dirt and rain are essential. A suspension would allow your steelfire to slip even over your seat.

In order to optimize your garden or terrace, the Steelfire also has the right outdoor furniture: a standing bar who can be the center for a drink, a conversation or simply an additional dining opportunity for your guests, who can make it themselves comfortably on a barhocker or lean for a small talk.

Underneath there is also the necessary wooden storage. Our robust rustic outdoor furniture is functional, durable and a feast for the eyes.

Conclusion: Steelfire products are a guarantee for successful festivities with family and friends in a great ambience.


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