Graceful design with Sherle Wagner

23 Sep 2016
2 min read
Like Greeks and Romans, the artisans of Sherle Wagner, an American company founded in 194, make pieces of art for luxury bathrooms.
Bringing elegance to the everyday

Since its founding in 1945, Sherle Wagner International has been the premier source, world-wide, for luxury hardware and bath accessories.Sherle Wagner founded his company with his wife Rose in 1945 for the purpose of offering extraordinary bathroom fixtures, accessories and hardware. An architect by training, he recognized that the utilitarian does not have to be mundane. Mr. Wagner thus elevated often-overlooked bath elements to an elegance not previously found on the market. First offering an exquisite dolphin faucet with a 24-karat gold finish, Mr. Wagner’s goal was to offer a discerning clientele the opportunity to “complete the ultimate luxury bathroom.” Exquisite craftsmanship and old-world techniques were of utmost importance in presenting his glorious designs.

Classic concepts

Sherle Wagner embraces a tradition of craftsmanship that is reflected in, for example, the Egg & Dart Collection.Egg & Dart, an ancient classic motif, is carved around sinks and at the foot of pedestals and bath tubs.Moreover, the artisan’s meticulous work will blend the veins of the marble with the pattern in a tranquil and elegant mood. Another graceful classic concept can be achieved with a console in dark Marienella marble and an Acanthus gold faucet.It’s impossible to overlook the details of the delicate engraving on the handles and spout of the mixer. Whether you prefer an Oriental or French classic style wall paper in Chinoiserie or Damask pattern will enhance your personal taste.

Exquisite esthetic

On the other hand, Sherle Wagner also ventures into modern and contemporary trends.Art Deco influence is visible in the Nouveau range. Horizontal layers with rounded edges give shape to an opulent design for mixers and accessories that was selected for the Highlander yacht by the interior designer Joanne de Guardiola. Arco collection is inspired in contemporary architectural buildings such as the superb Walt Disney Concert Hall. Soft contours and straight lines in satin brass or gold plate finish can be matched with inverse conic shape washbasins.

Definitely, any Sherle Wagner piece will make your bathroom splendid!

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