Get A Glimpse At Virgin Voyages New Cruise Line

02 Jun 2018
2 min read
All aboard! For the first time since announcing its launch, Virgin Voyages has unveiled the design details of six public areas of its ship. 

Scheduled to debut in 2020, there are numerous exciting spaces planned for the ships. Amongst these will be Richard’s Rooftop, an outdoor club reserved for suite guests. Named after Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Virgin said it will have a futuristic look, with circular loungers, large umbrellas and accents of dichroic glass, which will cast rainbow-coloured reflections across the lounge.

For foodies, dine at two separate restaurants. The Test Kitchen restaurant will be playfully scientific with light fixture images that mimic the periodic table of elements. This laboratory-like environment is accented by metallic furniture, sleek clean lines and comes replete with beakers, test tubes and volumetric flasks.

Meanwhile, Pink Agave will offer guests a flavour of contemporary Mexican, featuring electric-blue metallic lighting fixtures that cascade from the ceilings above oversized banquets that line the dining room’s portholes. An elongated, curved lounger centers the room, surrounded by round tables for two and flanked by a bar area in the foyer and a private dining room for larger groups.

Guests can also pay a visit to a nightclub called The Manor, a nod to the name of the first music studio associated with Virgin Records. The club’s colour scheme will be aubergine and emerald with gold accents.

For those who enjoy reclining, the Athletic Club is perfect. This will feature feature a white-and-red striped semicircular lounger described as the largest daybed at sea. The club is positioned across the aft with a 220-square-foot area of triple netting, where guests can lay out and overlook the open space and decks below as if on a catamaran. There will be also 10 cabanas in the club and a bar.

Virgin said the overall design concept for the ship is “a celebration of contrasts,” where tension is created by a juxtaposition of high-energy spaces that meet areas of rejuvenation and relaxation. Virgin said the ship’s spaces will transform between day and night and “offer an inviting environment that can be enjoyed solo or among friends and loved ones.”

Virgin has hired a slew of designers to craft various parts of the ship, who which interestingly, have mostly not worked on ship projects before.  The newly revealed spaces are the work of three firms: Design Research Studio in London, Roman and Williams in New York and Concrete Amsterdam.

More details to be revealed at soon.