Galicia | Spain’s green and luscious heart

02 Oct 2017
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Characterized by rugged mountains, sheer cliffs and wild, frothing seas, Galicia remains one of the must-see destinations for fine culture and fine cuisine in Europe.

Galicia is located in the northwest of Spain. It is a green and lush region surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with deep Celtic cultural roots and its own language which is very similar to Portuguese. Bagpipes and Romanesque churches are some of the characteristics that you will find when travelling to this region.

Galicia is a popular destination which has been included in the top 3 European destinations by Lonely Planet in 2017. The biggest difference between Galicia and the more commonly visited resorts of southern Spain is its landscape, peppered with forests which give it a predominantly dark green colour, as well as hundreds of beautiful white sandy beaches.

The climate is mild with low annual variations, and average temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees all year round, which makes it ideal to visit all year long.


Grupo Nove

Grupo Nove is a non-profit group of top chefs from Galicia, most of whom own their own restaurants where they develop avant garde cuisine using sustainable Galician products from every season. The group was founded in 2003 in order to showcase the modernity and relevance of the new Galician cuisine without forgetting the origins of the gastronomy ‘made in Galicia,’ which combines the best of tradition and innovation.

Nowadays, the Group is comprised of 24 chefs, 17 of whom run their own restaurants. Although now more experienced, they still have the same eagerness and enthusiasm as when they started, and use high quality Galician products: seafood, fish and meat, which result in the most enjoyable, exquisite and natural dishes which can always be accompanied by a good red or white wine such as Albariño, one of the most well-known Galicia wines.

Simply put, they love what they do. This is the reason why they have earned 8 Michelin stars and 18 Repsol Soles. It’s a must to try their ingredient-oriented cooking and get surprised by its taste, colour, aroma and texture. Above all, Grupo Nove’s members share their passion for cooking.

Among the group’s goals are to promote Galician gastronomy, which is one of the principal pillars of any country’s culture. Most of their restaurants are located in special places, such as at the foot of the beach where you can enjoy gorgeous views of the coast such as cliffs and stunning coastlines.


Travel connections:

There are direct flights available from most airports to one of Galicia’s three airports located in A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo.


A Coruña

This northern city has a great gastronomic scene and many interesting sights. Travellers, for example, can visit a traditional market, where sh and shell sh caught in the early morning are sold in the port.Here you can also find award-winning restaurant Bido.


Ferrolterra. Rías Altas

Fragas do Eume Natural Park is the last Atlantic forest in Europe, with vegetation so dense that it scarcely allows any light to penetrate its dense foliage. This secret forest is full of waterfalls and springs and hidden within its heart, you will find the Caaveiro monastery that dates all the way back to the 10th century. On your way to the Loiba Cliffs in the north, you can find the restaurant A Gabeira.


Costa da Morte

The Costa da Morte (Death’s Coast) gets its name from the belief that it was the end of the world due to its location as one of the most western points in Europe. It stretches for dozens of kilometers where you will nd exotic beaches, coves and cliffs. Here you will find the amazing Michelin starred “Retiro da Costiña” restaurant.


Santiago de Compostela

Thousands of people arrive to Santiago every single year. Some are inspired by cultural interest; others do it out of a spiritual conviction, while many approach it as a personal challenge. Whatever your reason may be, the St James Way offers a uniquely different way of sightseeing in northern Spain. There are two amazing choices for fine dining in Santiago: A Tafona Casa de Xantar and the O Balado Restaurant.



The Roman Walls of Lugo which surround the city have been declared a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and is possible to walk along the top of the walls. Lugo is one of the best places in Spain to enjoy tapas, with every bar offering complimentary samples. In Lugo you will find two restaurants owned by Chefs belonging to Grupo Nove: Restaurant Paprica and Restaurant España.



Walk around the ancient Old Town of Ourense and take a bath in its warm thermal waters. The city is very close to the Ribeira Sacra, amazing Canyons measuring 500 meters in depth with small picturesque vineyards on steep slopes. There are boat tours which take you along these incredible landscapes down the River Sil and River Miño. In Ourense you can have an amazing gastronomic experience at Nova restaurant.


Galicia is definitely a destination for a first-class gastronomic experience with high-ranking restaurants in Spain and Europe, moreover it is one of the best places to eat seafood in the world.

The Galician economy is based mainly on shing, farming and agriculture, as well as fashion, with the Inditex headquarters located in A Coruña. Much of the local fishing is shellfish and crustaceans and the region is internationally renowned for the quality of its seafood.

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