Code 38 wine knives

The world became a better place when Jeff Toering – founder of premium wine knife brand, Code38 – embarked on a 12-year journey to create the world’s greatest cork-screw. Each magnificently engineered Code38 wine knife comes with a life-time guarantee so wine aficiendos can rest assured they won’t have to use a lesser tool ever again.

Big Green Egg

Big Green Eggs aren’t just for the culinary elite, they’re also for the passionate home-cook who wants one nifty kitchen aid that does everything from grilling, baking, searing, cooking… the list goes on and on. What’s more, they come in different sizes, with a range of aptly named “eggcessories”, so you can tailor your egg to your exact needs.

Style by Weil wood pieces

Great woodwork doesn’t just mean having the most dazzling flooring in your hallway. And to prove it, we’ve added this knife holder, one of Style by Weil’s many dazzling hand-carved wood pieces, to our round-up of the hottest luxury food and wine inspired Christmas gift ideas, in the hope that you’ll visit their website to discover many, many more…

Ladina cookware

The perfect gift for the fashion-conscious home-cook who likes a bit of bling on their burners, Ladina pots are designed with elegance and only the highest quality in mind. Made in Switzerland from a unique five-ply alloy that allows cooking in stainless steel without sticking, these pots aren’t just pretty, but practical too. The high-value materials used guarantee optimal heat distribution, so that unlike other lesser cookware, Ladina pots do not heat up too swiftly and once heated, have the ability to keep food warm for up to one hour when covered.


While merry for most, the festive season can be a stressful time for the passionate home-cook who, by the time Christmas day comes round, begins to regret the elaborate Christmas day menu they’ve conjured up, featuring all but British Michelin-star chef Tom Kerridge’s ‘Lamb bun’ recipe from the latest UK edition of FOUR magazine (although, we guess, after this mention it might find its way there…). If this sounds like you, why not give yourself a helping hand with a Pacojet. It ‘micro purees’ frozen foods into ultra-light mousses, naturally fresh ice creams and sorbets or aromatic soups, sauces or fillings, without thawing.

Sarah Maier

Taking the culinary world by storm, one beautifully crafted kitchen at a time, the Sarah Maier Collection is the perfect bet if you’re trying to really impress one of your food-loving acquintances this Christmas. As you can see from the accompanying picture, other than having won numerous interior innovation awards, The Sarah Maier Collection proves its worth in its exceptional quality, all of which can be viewed at the Sarah Maier Collection showroom in Markgröningen, Germany.

Champagne sabre

There’s only one thing better than receiving a bottle of premium champagne, and that’s receiving a bottle of premium champagne accompanied by a sparkly champagne sword like this exquisite one from Selfridge’s to open it with. Champers anyone?