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14 Sep 2015
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The highly successful Annual Roots Conference is back and this year the hot topic for culinary aficionados and top chefs alike will be ‘Taking Action’ towards positive change within the food industry…
Roots 2015: Taking Action

The highly successful Annual Roots Conference is back and this year the hot topic for culinary aficionados and top chefs alike will be Taking Action towards positive change within the food industry.

Next Monday (21 September)will mark the beginning of the Third Annual Roots Conference 2015 taking place at The Culinary Vegetable Institute.The event that has become renowned for the on going work that it does to try and engage the food world into understanding and repairing our fractured food system, will yet again be offering prime topics of discussion for all visitors.

Farmer Lee Jones commented that “after a successful inaugural event in 2013 focusing on “Power, Purpose and The Meaning of Food,” and a conference in 2014 that explored “Connecting and Uniting Through Food,” 2015’s theme of “Taking Action” will continue the discussion of upholding traditions, preserving endangered foods and repairing damaged ecosystems. This year’s Roots conference will not only provide insight into relevant industry issues and inspire a global conversation about key food topics, it will also feature educational discussions to spark new, actionable ideas around food for generations to come.”

The conference acts a platform for chefs, food aficionados, and generally those who are concerned by these topics to get together to discuss, inspire and hopefully come up with tangible solutions for the future.

Hosted by Farmer Lee Jones of the infamous sustainable farm known for its specialty vegetables, microgreens and partnerships with renowned chefs, The Chef’s Garden, Inc., the two-day event on September 21 and 22 will stress not only the importance of adhering to and preserving important culinary traditions but also illustrate how vital it is to look to the future for sound solutions for the problems we collectively face

“We’re exploring the theme of “Action” this year because our hope is that the conversations that begin at Roots will have a lasting impact on the food world long after the conference concludes,” said Jones. “Traditionally this event has been popular within food industry attendees, but this year we are encouraging all food enthusiasts – farmers, chefs, academics, food scientists and general consumers – to unite with the common goal of taking action towards impacting positive change in the food world.”

Over 20 chefs will participate in leading thought-provoking culinary discussions and distinctive dining experiences, including the 2014 James Beard Foundation Award recipient for Outstanding Restaurateur, Barbara Lynch of The Barbara Lynch Gruppo, Seamus Mullen of Tertulia in New York, Gavin Kaysen of Spoon & Stable in Minneapolis and Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia in Louisville, plus many more.

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