#FOURNews | Michelin Guide Germany 2016 Announced

11 Nov 2015
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First three-Michelin-star restaurant in Hamburg for restaurant that has only opened three months ago: The Table by Kevin Fehling.

The big news

  • One new 3-star restaurant– 10 altogether
  • 4 new 2-star restaurants:Jan Hartwig’s restaurant Atelier, Andreas Krolik’s restaurant Lafleur in Frankfurt, Sebastian Frank’s restaurant Horwáth in Berlin and Thomas Schanz’s eponymousrestaurant Schanz in Piesport/Mosel– 39 altogether
  • 26 new 1-star restaurant – 241 altogether
  • 282 stars altogether in Germany

Hamburg has its first three-Michelin-star restaurant ever

Helmed by , restaurant The Table has only opened three months ago and already scooped up the highest accolade in fine dining, three stars in the Michelin Guide. Fehling’s exclusive restaurant in Hamburg’s trendy Hafen City has a concept unique to Germany: one serpentine table that gives guests the chance to interact or keep their privacy, all the time watching the chefs prepare their food in the kitchen directly opposite them. Fehling says of his and his team’s triumph:

“It’s an incredibly wonderful feeling to get the same honour from the Michelin Guide in our first year after leaving Travemünde.”

He and most of the kitchen team left their previous three-Michelin-starred restaurant to be part of the new project. As the Michelin Guide doesn’t award the head chef alone, but the whole team, taking the talent with him was a strategic move that definitely paid of for the 38-year-old chef. Fehling continues: “We always want to present our guests with new creations, with our open-minded, creative and zeitgeisty cuisine.” His Maitre d’, David Eitel, wholeheartedly agrees: “It was an exceptionally exciting time to be there at Kevin Fehling’s side when the restaurant took shape. There was never any doubt that this restaurant concept will be successful.”

“Kevin Fehling masters his art today!” commented Michael ELLIS, International Director of Michelin Guides. “In his new, impressively decorated establishment, Kevin Fehling transports us to a world where every dish is a moment of excitement. His cuisine demonstrates his total mastery of technique and exceptional maturity which is the prerogative of all top chefs.”

New 3-Michelin-star restaurant

3 stars retained

Waldhotel Sonnora

3 stars lost

– Kevin Fehling’s former workplace

– Juan Amador closed his restaurant this year

New 2 stars

Atelier | Munich

Horváth| Berlin

Lafleur | Frankfurt / Main

Schanz Restaurant | Piesport / Mosel

New 1 star

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