#FOURNews | Ceviche Old St Gallery from Martin Morales and Ceviche

28 Sep 2015
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London’s prioneering Peruvian restaurant from Martin Morales, Ceviche, is set to launch a gallery that pays homage to Peru’s contemporary art scene…

Thursday 1st October will mark the official opening day of the new art venture from Martin Morales, the award-winning Peruvian chef and restaurateur, and brains behind the newest art venture in the British capital that purely focuses on work by contemporary Peruvian artists.

As an avid art collector, Morales wanted to find a way of combining his two loves, and as such came up with the new old street gallery which will be housed within the new Ceviche Old St restaurant.

With the growing popularity of Latin American art within the art world due to shows such as Pangaea at the Saatchi Gallery, fairs such as Pinta and galleries including Maddox and Max Wigram, it was only a matter of time before Peruvian art came to the forefront to cement its presence within the contemporary art scene. However until now, Peruvian artists’ work have rarely been shown outside of Peru.

Therefore one of the aims of the gallery is to offer a window into the contemporary art scene of Peru and showcase the works of a new generation of Peruvian artists. For the project he has collaborated with top London-based Peruvian curator Claudia Trosso to create the gallery’s launch collection ‘BIRTH’, which will feature works from more than 50 of Peru’s top contemporary artists.

Martin Morales commented on the opening of Ceviche Old St Gallery:

“Latin American art is at an exciting stage right now and Peru shines brightly within it. Peruvian contemporary art needs its champions and galleries are forever finding greater and more innovative ways of exhibiting works. Ceviche Old St Gallery aims to show stunning works in a unique way. Through our work at our beautiful restaurants we have led the way in Peruvian gastronomy and with the same passion and dedication, by partnering with experienced Peruvian artists, dealers, collectors and curators, we believe BIRTH is a powerful introduction to some of Peru’s best contemporary artists.”

Of the 50 artists in the line-up, some have had their work featured at renowned galleries such as the Saatchi Gallery, TATE Modern, Art Basel and ARCO, but many of them have never shown their works in London before, offering a unique first for both spectator artist and spectator.

Works to be displayed on the historic walls of Ceviche Old St, will include paintings, photography, street art, sculpture and graphic art from Peruvian illustrators, graphic and pop artists such as Cherman, with his iconic ‘Panther, Lion and Tiger’s Milk’ series, well-established Peruvian photographers including Mariano Vivanco, whose photos form part of a permanent display at the National Gallery, mixed media creations from Peruvian writers and singers such as Cesar Vallejo and Yma Sumac, a collection of works from Alice Wagner, who uses wax and thread to recreate iconic Peruvian music album covers, stunning oil paintings from Miguel, as well as Art Basel favourite Cesar Cornejo, and Fernando Bryce – one of Peru’s most influential visual artists.

With a carefully curated space from Claudia, art and food lovers will be able to enter into a mecca of all things Peruvian with the new gallery and restaurant at Ceviche Old St.

Ceviche Old St Gallery

2 Baldwin Street

Old Street