“Here at drop4drop we are dedicated to alleviating the world water crisis. We work heavily with business partners as we believe they have huge power and potential to make real change aiding significantly in our work. That’s why we are excited to be partnering with the Four Foundation and are committed to bringing about lasting change with their support.”


The FOUR Foundation supports drop4drop’s campaign with Andrha Pradesh, which currently houses over 99 million people in India have no access to an improved water source. In Andrha Pradesh alone, drop4drop have funded almost 200 bore wells, supplying clean drinking water to over 200,000 people. Communities there no longer have to walk up to 12km each to get water, which means women and children have the ability to empower themselves and strive for a better future. drop4drop’s work in the region is on-going as they constantly identify more and more communities in need of their help.