#FOUR News | The William Vale and the Brooklyn Arts Council unveil their latest collaboration

09 Sep 2015
2 min read
Brooklyn-based sculpture artist, Marela Zacarias has been selected as Winner of Lobby Art Commission.
Marela Zacarias and The William Vale

After being selected by an elite panel of Brooklyn art specilaists, it has been announced that Marela Zacarias is the succceful winner of a $200,000 lobby art commission for Williamsburg’s latest hotelventure The William Vale.

The decision made by the influential art panel who included names such as James E. Bartlett, the Executive Director of Museum of Contemporary Diasporan African Arts; Deborah Bright, Chair of Fine Art at Pratt; and Catherine J. Morris, Curator for the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum, were delighted that the artwork chosen to be displayed at the William vale with pay tribute to the borough and the whole of the Brooklyn arts community.

Ella J. Weiss, President of Brooklyn Arts Council commented on the subject saying that; “Marela Zacarias, like so many local artists, represents the ever evolving artistic landscape of Kings County and the growing league of innovators that help keep Brooklyn alive with art.”

Marela will create a 25’ x 20 x 3’ sculptural painting offering multiple visual and historical perspectives for the viewer. The three-dimensional work will resemble the shape of a giant Brooklyn map and scale the hotel lobby walls and ceiling. Comprised of 20 differing segments, the work is influenced by early Native American geometries in relationship to Brooklyn’s history, and the work will be seen through Marela’s interpretation of abstract shapes and colors.

Drawing on the concept of the Williamsburg Murals she constructs her unique sculptural forms from window screens and joint compound, which she then paints with original patterns.

Sébastien Maingourd, General Manager of The William Vale stated that; “Her proposal is for an oversized work that will pay homage to the borough and exhibit inspiration from early Native American heritage. We’re confident that this piece of work will spark conversation about the community’s strong art influence among international tourists and locals alike.”

This will definitely be the case as the work that Zacarias produces is filled with strong messages of resilience, overcoming adversity and local history. With the hotel not opening until early 2016, make sure you follow four-magazine.com for our exclusive interview with the artist herself.

For more information on The William Vale, visit www.thewilliamvale.com and to learn more about Marela and view her recent work, visit www.marela.org