FOURNews | Relais & Châteaux welcomes nine new members

05 Dec 2017
3 min read

The nine properties join over 550 other world-class hotels and restaurants with distinct locations and atmosphere. The new additions range from a romantic ecological resort in the heart of Costa Rica’s rainforests to a secluded hotel offering breath-taking view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez and an idyllic getaway on the coast of the Aegean Sea.


Blair Hill Inn, Maine (United States)

Set in stunning American countryside, Blair Hill Inn stretches across 21 hectares of land and offers an unobstructed view of the idyllic Moosehead Lake. Built in 1891 as a gentleman’s estate and breeding farm, it is now a meticulously restored boutique hotel with exquisite decor and services. The renowned gourmet restaurant serves a delectable farm-to-table menu and the handsome wood-panelled cocktail lounge serving the finest wines. There is also a small fitness centre, the area’s only destination spa with exclusive treatments and an abundance of adventure activities among the wilds of Moosehead Lake.


Nayara Springs, Alajuela Province (Costa Rica)

Tucked away in the Costa Rican rainforest, Nayara Springs is one of the world’s most romantic hotels. The hotel is situated amid lush natural vegetation close to the inactive Arenal Volcano, and guests stay in spacious villas complete with private terraces and swimming pools. Guests can watch the rest of the world go peacefully by while enjoying an unwinding stay and indulging in activities such as hiking and rare bird-watching. The hotel’s spa offers an assortment of exquisite treatments, and wine tastings are available on the hotel’s shaded patio. Nayara Springs built a 250-foot long pedestrian bridge above tree canopies as the only means of entrance from the outside world, offering an atmosphere of seclusion and peacefulness.


Au Crocodile, Strasbourg (France)

Only a few steps away from Place Kléber in Strasbourg, Michelin-starred Au Crocodile started out as a small inn famous for a stuffed alligator that Captain Ackermann brought back from Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt in 1801. The restaurant is well known for its exceptional dishes and wines from a cellar containing more than 65,000 bottles.


Château de Valmer, La Croix Valmer (France)

Château de Valmer offers a secluded vantage point to enjoy the beauty of the French Rivera and avoid the crowds. Located on five hectares of tree-covered grounds along the Mediterranean coast, this family estate has a breath-taking view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Guests can stay in a villa or one of the treehouses scattered throughout the property, and enjoy luxurious amenities like the L’Occitane spa and facilities such as the outdoor swimming pool and beach. Chef Jimmy Coutel runs the gastronomic Michelin-starred restaurant that harvests products from his organic kitchen garden.


Landromantik Wellness Oswald, Kaikenried (Germany)

Sitting on the edge of the Bavarian forest, Hotel Oswald is a haven for city-weary travellers. This luxury thermal spa resort provides luxurious, cosy rooms and a spa and sauna, as well as fitness classes and outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. Chef Thomas Gerber runs the resort’s kitchen, offering dishes crafted from premium regional meats and sausages that are freshly prepared on the premises.


Zornitza Family Estate, Zornitza (Bulgaria)

Bordered by grapevines and mountains, Zornitza achieves the perfect blend of luxury and nature. The hotel’s warm and inviting private suites were specially designed to make guests feel at home, and are perfect for families looking to spend time together on a unique vacation, with options to visit the nearby towns and museums, hike in the mountains or raft down the Struma River. The hotel’s restaurant Aestivum offers delectable, home-grown dishes using honey, truffles, jam, cheese, eggs, fruit and vegetables from its sustainable farm, as well as glasses of their own wine.



Avaton Luxury Villas Resort, Halkidiki (Greece)

Avaton Luxury Villas Resort lies amid Mediterranean gardens on the coast of the Aegean Sea and is the ideal spot for unwinding, reflecting and exploring nearby local World Heritage sites imncluding Mount Athos, with its twenty Greek Orthodox monasteries, and the ancient city of Stagira – one of Halkidiki’s largest ancient cities located near the current Olympiada. The resort’s sixteen villas offer every comfort imaginable, including opportunities to experience private tastings of the executive chef Pano Papadopoulo’s cuisine.


Blue Margouillat, Saint-Leu (Réunion)

With panoramic vistas of the Indian Ocean, Blue Margouillat is housed in a large colonial house that overlooks Saint-Leu Bay and offers ten rooms with terraces and two larger suites. The property is completely detached from the outside world, allowing guests to unplug and recharge. The outdoor patio is perfect for dining with its endless ocean views and opportunities to spot passing whales in the wintertime.


Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Yala National Park (Sri Lanka)

The newly opened Wild Coast Tented Lodge is a one-of-a-kind complex that sits at the crossroads of the Indian Ocean and the jungle. Comprised of handcrafted tents scattered throughout the vast wilderness of Yala National Park, the lodge blends in perfectly with its backdrop of rocky coastlines. The lodge offers a breath-taking view of the ocean and every modern comfort, from inviting beds and bathtubs, to a private pool. Guests can get a taste for the local area by sampling Sri Lankan specialties cooked at the restaurant or by enjoying spa treatments made from local products such as Ceylon tea and cinnamon.