FOUR Luxury Lifestyle Apps

12 Apr 2014
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Whether you want to find about your next luxury pad, or take a tour with celebs, you’ll find the apps that will make your life a whole lot more luxurious here…

Created by Louis Vuitton, this is for the luxury-loving hedonists out there. Allowing you to record your unique tours – called ‘ambles’ – you can save your travel experiences through pictures, notes, sounds and videos, and then share them. Celebs, like Sofia Coppola has been known to record her own tour of New York, adding a luxury shopping spree and city tour.


Available: iOS 5.0 or later, iPhone and iPad

Magellan Jets

Become an iVIP with Magellan Jets to get dibs on the best luxury lifestyle benefits. There are four levels in the membership, giving each tier access to different information about venues, services, rooms and exclusive rates to the most wealthy of customers. Price, in this case is no issue, but wealthy certainly is.


Available: iOS 3.0 or later, iPhone and iPad

VIP Black

Measuring in as one of the most expensive apps on the market, VIP Black gives you highly exclusive access to the best quality services in the world. Private jets, Michelin-starred restaurants, yachts, personal trainers, room upgrades and more. All you have to do is prove you’re worth $1.6 million or more. Easy.


Available: IOS 4.3 or later, iPhone and iPad


Prestigious luxury real estate, Sotheby’s has launched this app to make sure you get the luxury home you’re after. With interactive GPS, you can search according to price and area. Once you’ve chosen what you’re looking for you can take a virtual tour and find out the finest details, including tax rates and the blueprint.


Available: IOS 4.3 or later, iPhone and iPad