Expressing uniqueness

06 Apr 2015
2 min read
Gushing with style and sophistication, we explore how Marion Klatt’s simple and old-school bag designs made it big in Germany.

Who hasn’t thought to themselves, I would really like a new bag, a bag that’s cool and a bit different to what’s out there? Marion is such a person and she went and created her own bags.

After studying art she trained with a shoemaker to learn everything there is to know about leather. The idea for a bag that is simple but cool and high in quality, and at the same time sophisticated and fun, was put into action. Inspired by the satchel from the 60s and 70s, Marion created her first Haeute bag without even knowing it: a white knapsack with a blue stripe and red reflectors. Today she remembers: “Back then, I could have never imagined that the whole thing would become that big!”

At first Marion was stopped on the street and took commissions there and then, later she sold them at art and craft markets and finally in a small shop in Stuttgart. With the ongoing success, Marion and her partner Claus realised that their product is a real hit: the very likeable, reduced style without embellishments or frills and the open, clear details really inspired people. And most of all, they liked the idea of being able to produce in their own country, Germany.

Five years after designing the first bag, they decided to go serious and founded the project Haeute: The team was growing, a website (allowing clients to customize their bags) was born and the workshop flourished. Soon Marion, Claus and their little boy moved to Allgäu in Southern Germany, where Marion started working on a bag for more elegant occasions, the Hoola. The simple design of this unique bag was speaking for itself and became a roaring success at a friend’s christening and during the next wedding—Marion got her first commission. But it wouldn’t stop there. For a friend Marion created a small but handy bag for clubbing—bag it, take off and just dance, that’s what the Boogie was made to do. The leather is very soft and in powerful colours and it’s the first Haeute product with a zip.

The high-quality leather Marion works with is EU-certified and subject to some of the strictest work and environmental rulings in the tannery business. It mainly comes from cows and sometimes goats. The natural patterns of the animals give the finished products character and the colour elements radiate and develop the longer the bag is used. Every bag is sure to be a loyal companion and your firm favourite for a long time. It’s exceptionally durable and the natural fat guards against weather and dirt, but should the bag need repairs, no matter when you bought it, mending will be free, except zips.

Today, Marion’s business is a modern company using traditional handicraft, building on people’s skill. The results are unique, beautiful products with true character.

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