Exclusive highlights from the Sunseeker supercar tour 2015

24 Sep 2015
3 min read
As the annual Sunseeker super car tour 2015 is officially underway, FOUR catches up with a seasoned tour-goer and the ExclusiveGP Director to find out what exciting things are happening en route to the Monaco yacht show…

As our excitement builds over this year’s Sunseeker Supercar Tour and FOUR collaboration, we can’t wait to catch up with what is going on over in France as the cars head down to the Monaco yacht show. We spoke to ExclusiveGP DirectorCharlotte Hill to find out highlights from the tour so far…

Day 1

We commenced the tour in stunning Cowarth Park with a Champagne reception followed by a welcome dinner, the pouring rain outside didn’t dampen anyone’s mood as we discussed our exciting journey down to Monaco and the plans ahead whilst enjoying the incredible food on offer.

Day 2

We’re off! Making our way to the Channel Tunnel we embark on our trip to the Monaco Yacht Show, driving down through the Garden of England and then through the french countryside to Chateau de Beaulieu with a spot of Michelin Star dining for lunch, we meander through France down to Reims where we arrive at the beautiful 5* Hotel Champenoise.

After an hour or two of relaxing we head to Veuve Cliquot where we are treated to the most fantastic champagne tour learning about the history of Madame Cliquot and guided around the Creyeres with afascinating insight how the Champagne is made, we then enjoy the most fantastic canapés and fine dining whilst our guide explains the varieties of Veuve Cliquot available and how different foods compliment the different Champagnes. It was the most incredible evening with the whole group chatting and enjoying the delights of what the Champagne Region has to offer.

FOUR also caught up with veteran of the Exclusive GP Supercar Tours, Candace Elliott, to find out what the tour has been like so far for all those in the driving seats…

How long have you been travelling with Exclusive GP?

We have booked several trips through Exclusive GP in the past five years. From Monaco to Abu Dhabi to Austin our Grand Prix experiences have been global and stunning.

What car did you pick todrive and who is doingall the driving?

We chose a beautiful white Ferrari 458 Italia that both of us are driving. We are car people and love to drive together and get a little competitive!

Apart from the incredible cars, which part of the tour have you enjoyed so far?

Driving through the Channel tunnel and across France with 20 other super cars was exhilarating. Apart from the driving experience we lovemeeting like-minded speed addicts and race fans.

What has beenyour favourite French dining experience on the tour so far?

The food on the super car tour has beenfabulous, so many beautifully prepared dishes, the freshest ingredients and the artistic presentations have beenunforgettable. Exclusive GP have alsosuggested many fine dining choices for once we arrivein Monaco and booked us a reservation at Le Grille, at the top of the Hotel de Paris, which has become one of our favourite restaurants.

The Supercar Tour ends up at the Monaco Yacht show, what are you most looking forward to about the show to come?

I’m looking forward to seeing the range of beautiful yachts on offer when we reach the Monaco Yacht Show. Also the VIP experience we have ahead of us at the show itself.

What other trips do you have planned with ExclusiveGP over the coming months?

We are traveling with Exclusive GP to Austin with our two boys, 10 and 12, for their first Grand Prix experience. As well, we have booked for the fifth year in a row to be in Monaco on the Ermanno terrace with Exclusive GP and their team

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