El Salvador’s Festive Traditions

San Miguel Carnival

Salvadorians are festive and optimistic people, always offering their smile and help to others, this good mood becomes evident not only in their everyday life but also in their traditions and gastronomy, on this occasion we will discover a little more about this festive country.

One of El Salvador’s well known festivals is the San Miguel Carnival, considered as one of the most popular celebrations in Central America; it takes place every November during the festivities in honor of their patron, Our Lady of Peace.

On November 21st , a mass and procession is held in honor of Our Lady of Peace and later in the evening on the town’s main avenue, orchestras, musical groups, as well as national, and international artists perform for the delight of those willing to live a night filled with music and joy.

Soups and Totopostes

While visiting San Miguel, you just can’t leave without trying the tasty totopostes, a small salty snack made from corn and baked in clay ovens, along with its sweet variant, the tostacas, which are sweetened with brown sugar, leaving a delicious feeling on your palette.

Before leaving El Salvador’s eastern region, you can regain your strength with one of its many delicious traditional soups. Here, you’ll find several options, such as the hen soup, made with locally grown vegetables and herbs that perfectly highlight the flavor of El Salvador’s traditional agricultural products. Another choice would be the Beef Soup, a beef broth with exquisite flavor imbedded in the local tradition that you’ll just find spectacular; and of course you can’t miss the Mondongo soup, a delicious stew made from diced tripe (stomach of a cow or pig) slow-cooked with vegetables such as yuca, squash, and cushaw pumpkins, accompanied by seasoned cabbage and lots of lemon.

You can’t miss the opportunity of not only tasting our country’s cuisine but of getting to know our traditions and festivities, made even more special thanks to the warmth of the Salvadorians.

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