El Salvador | A beautiful beach paradise

30 Jul 2015
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The beautiful beaches of El Salvador make visitors fall in love with them instantly. With pleasant temperatures all year long, gentle estuaries and waves that allow for not only a variety of water sports, but world-class surfing, El Salvador is a must for any activity holidays
El Salvador

Among the best beaches to enjoy with family or friends is “El Cuco” beach, located in the eastern part of the country; it is distinguished by its dark volcanic sand and beautiful sunsets. Los Cobanos, located in the western part of the country, is considered a divers paradise with golden beaches of coral origin and the largest rocky reef in the North Pacific.

In the midst of all this beauty of sand and water are the beaches of La Libertad, which are known worldwide for the quality of their surfing waves. Among them you will find: Playa La Paz, better known as “Punta Roca”, which has waves with the consistency, constancy and quality required for world class competitions; El Sunzal, which has slower but longer waves, with the sporadic formation of tubes and El Tunco Beach, a very popular surf spot with accessories and board repair shops, restaurants and hotels.

This paradise offers during the peak seasons waves up to 12 feet tall and up to 600 meters long, from March to November you will find a daily average of 6-8 feet waves.

Beachfront dining

These beaches also offer the experience of tasting the delicious seafood of which some of these places are famous for.

The gastronomy of the Salvadoran coast will delight and place a piece of the tropics inguests’ palettes. Fresh and exquisite fish, seafood prepared in creams, cocktails, and molluscs that give a wonderful touch on meals will always leave you wanting more of this exquisite cuisine. All of this wouldn’t be the same without the sympathy and warmth of Salvadorans who arealways ready to cater tourists.

The recently remodeled Malecón of Puerto de La Libertad, with its delightful restaurants and shops, is an almost obligatory stop for all those who visit thecoast.

Visit El Salvador, a compact country that contains everything you would want to experience!

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