The 2013 Tokyo Yokohama Shohan Michelin Guide has signified the continuing success of the Japanese capital’s cooking prowess.

The growing number of high-quality restaurants in Tokyo is evident as 214 restaurants have been given one star, 16 of which are newly awarded. 58 restaurants have been gifted with two stars and this is an increase on last year’s 57. At the top of the scale 15 restaurants retained their three stars.

Already hailed as the gourmet capital of the world, Tokyo has retained its reputation for innovative and exciting cuisine. The Michelin guide has now honoured Tokyo with the title of the world’s gourmet capital for the last six consecutive years.

The only major casualty for Tokyo in this year’s guide was Araki and Hamadaya losing their three-Michelin star status.

Three-star restaurants in Tokyo:

Azabu YukimuraEsakiIshikawaJoël RobuchonKandaKoanKojuQuintessenceRyugin7chome KyoboshiSukiyabashi Jiro HontenSushi MizutaniSushi SaitoSushi YoshitakeUsukifugu Yamadaya