Discover The Thai Bootcamp With An Eco-Friendly Edge

13 Mar 2019
1 min read
Eco-friendly exercise – akyra Beach Club Phuket’s new ‘Train and Sustain’ bootcamps offer luxury travelers the perfect opportunity to give back to their surroundings.

Whilst fitness travel has never been more popular, a luxury Thai beach hotel is bringing a unique sustainable edge to the traditional exercise-filled getaway.

akyra Beach Club Phuket believes that giving back is the way forward. With a core focus on eco-friendly luxury, they’ve just launched a new series of sustainability bootcamps, offering guests to help the local environment whilst getting a great workout at the same time.

According to The Science of Giving*, there is strong evidence that true happiness lies in helping others and 2019 is sure to see more and more travellers looking for holidays that make it easy for them to contribute to local communities and the environment.

Spearheading this trend, 5-star akyra Beach Club Phuket have launched a series of Train and Sustain Bootcamps. Entirely unique, guests participate in activities like beach clean ups and meeting with local schools to discuss the importance of plastic waste.

This combined with beachfront mindfulness sessions and relaxing yoga and treatments at the Ayurah Spa, creates an environment for guests to not only press pause on life’s daily stresses, but also make a positive contribution to their surroundings.

The AKARYN Hotel Group take the plastic problem personally, and by June 2019 akyra Beach Club Phuket and the other five hotels within the Thai company vow to be fully single-use plastic free.

Not stopping there, akyra beach Club Phuket are also featuring day time activities such as T-shirt painting, Polynesian-style tattoo workshops and days trips to the turtle sanctuary. All proceeds will go towards the company charity ‘Pure Blue Foundation’ which supports reef restoration and turtle conservation.

Reinforcing the AKARYN Hotel Group’s commitment to responsible tourism, the next Train and Sustain Bootcamp is set to happen 31st August 2019.

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