Tucked away in the dense and lush greenery of the Atlantic Forest, lies one of the world’s greatest and most recognisable wonders: Iguazu Falls. In fact, it is so awe inspiring that United States First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” upon setting her gaze onto them. Located just 15mn away from the falls, on the Argentinian side, the Awasi collection have recently opened a new eco orientated luxury resort which has been highly anticipated following the successes of their other properties in Patagonia and in the Attacama Desert.



Awasi in Misiones is made up of 14 private luxury villas, including one master suite, that are each constructed on stilts so as to minimise the impact on the environment. Each villa comes with its private plunge pool and are scattered across the jungle with sufficient space in between them to provide guests the utmost privacy. Guests are welcomed and encouraged to relax at the bar and restaurant who are both a short walk through the jungle from the villas.



Just like their two other properties, Awasi guests have at their disposal their very own guide and 4WD, so as to make the most of their beautiful surroundings. These tours are uniquely put together by the team at Awasi in collaboration with renowned biologist and photographer, Emilio White. “The wealth of these grounds goes far beyond the famous waterfalls,” says Emilio, “an unknown world awaits.” In order to customise and tailor the experience, the guests are asked to complete a brief questionnaire on their tastes and current health. Whilst the falls are the main attraction there are other World Heritage site to view such as the impressive Jesuit ruins made famous by Hollywood blockbuster “The Mission”, as well as tracking the illusive and highly endangered Jaguar.



With Awasi, being part of the world renowned Relais and Chateaux group, Rafael Ceraso, an Argentinian through and through, is heading to the Atlantic Rainforest to take up the position of Head Chef. His vision is simple: “My mantra is to keep things simple, practicing age-old techniques and making the most of seasonal and local products.”



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