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17 Dec 2016
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Park Hyatt brand debuts on beachfront in historic center and UNESCO Heritage Site in Stone Town. FOUR takes a closer look…

Park HyattZanzibar reflects the intimate and understated elegance of thePark Hyatt brand while embracing the rich culture.This is the 36th Park Hyatt hotel worldwide, Park HyattZanzibar is situated on the beachfront in Stone Town, the historical center of the city and a designated UNESCO Heritage site.

As the cultural heart of Zanzibar, little has changed in Stone Town over the last 200 years. The town’s unique blend of Arabic and African cultural influences originate from the 19th century when Zanzibar Island served as a center for the trade of spices.

During this period, Zanzibar, also known as the “Spice Island,” was the most important trading hub along the east coast of Africa. Today, the streets of Stone Town are filled with rich aromas of spices, perfumes and local handcrafts. Architecture is a blend of Arab, African, European, Persian and Indian styles with reddish coral stone the predominant building material used. Finely crafted decorative wooden doors are one of the prominent features of Stone Town architecture.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar is housed in two buildings, one of them Mambo Msiige, a UNESCO heritage building steeped in history, grace and mystique with roots dating back to the 17th century.

Mambo Msiige is a typical Zanzibari mansion and an architectural gem, featuring intricate carvings and centered around a peacefulcourtyard.

The name alone meaning “not to be copied or imitated,” embraces true uniqueness.The new and purposefully built Zamani Residence of the hotel connects to Mambo Msiige, designed to blend a contemporary charm structure while embracing Swahili culture with a blend of Arab, Persian, Indian and European influences.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar’s guestrooms are a true home away from home with spaces to relax.Park Hyatt Zanzibar features 67 spacious guest rooms, including 11 suites.Oceanfront rooms feature spectacular views of Dhow Harbour and the Indian Ocean.

A perfect blend of contemporary style, modern technology, timeless regional accents and sheer luxury, all guestrooms reflect thePark Hyatt brand’s intimate elegance, providing an ideal place to stay for discerning business and leisure travelers.

These suites are light and airy and feature carefully chosen sand colours with soft sage and moss accents.

Guests are led into the elegant bedroom with high, dark brown-beamed ceilings, featuring classical four-poster bed. A unique and elegant bathroom with wooden shutters and a separate tub and double rain shower offer romantic views across the Indian Ocean.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar’s Zamani Residence offers a unique dining concept, featuring a range of authentic cuisines catering to all tastes.

Zamani Residence includes a Library with Veranda, a Living Room and a Dining Room with an outdoor terrace, and a residential style kitchen, the design is relaxed and comfortable, featuring eclectic interiors and designed to create a homely feel.

For those in search of rest and relaxation, guests are able to retreat to the tranquil sanctity of the hotel’sAnantaraSpa and indulge in a selection of body treatments, massages and personal services within the spa’s hair salon.

Guests can also enjoy the exclusive oceanfront infinity pool is the ideal place to enjoy a morning swim, relax in the sunor invigorate after a day exploring Stone Town.

The stunning pool is 18 meters long, surrounded by comfortable lounge chairs and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and dhow harbours.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Shangani St

Zanzibar Town 4255


+255 24 550 1234