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01 Oct 2016
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Offering the next generation of Swiss luxury care, as well as innovative fine dining, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is revitalizing the meaning of wellbeing…
Curing the soul in Heidiland

Long known for its haute fashion, sleek design, and delectable chocolate treats, Switzerland has always been a place offering solace amongst one’s lavish whims.However, if your idea of respite doesn’t involve shopping but leans more towards the great outdoors, relinquishing control, and being catered for by attentive professionals, then the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz have got that covered. And I mean really covered!

Getting lost amidst the lakes, rivers, mountains, and of course natural thermal springs surrounding Zurich, you will find yourself in a real life fairytale at the five-star Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz.

Bound by its proximity to the natural thermal water that streams from nearby Tamina Gorge, and a deep-rooted understanding for health and wellbeing, this really is la crème de la crème of Swiss spas. Not only can one visit for a routine health MOT, bathe in therapeutic bliss and wander the nearby picture-postcard scenary, but you can also finish off at one of their seven restaurants all in one day.

And this too isn’t just your standard hotel dining, this includes three-Michelin star chef Andreas Caminadas’ recently opened restaurant, Igniv.The exciting new restaurant has taken the site in the old premises of the former Äbtestube restaurant and it inspires guests with a refreshing, young, sharing concept.

Consisting of superior cuisine that takes the form of small sharing dishes, you can expect a culinary voyage spanning over 25 courses of sheer delight. Attention is given to every inch of the imaginative and creative experience, whilst the jovial sommelier takes care of all your vinous needs.

If this doesn’t quite convince you then you can top it off with your own personal selection of gourmet ‘pick and mix’ from the sweet counter found at the restaurant entrance.

Even though Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz offers Europe’s leading Wellbeing & Medical Health clinic for any possible patient need, this isn’t a conventional ‘sterile’ hospital environment. In fact, this is the go-to destination for many an athlete, celebrity, or high-flying professional, looking for understated discretion, but with ultimate level of attention and care. And Bad Regaz really is at the height of luxury care with an edge of Swiss sophistication; ready to help you jump back on the wagon in unrelenting style if you are suffering from a hiatus from health.

The Spa at the Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz has been conceived as an alpine shelter for the mind and the soul. Using the natural thermal water that flows abundantly from the local Tamina Gorge, the healing waterspaces include the Helenabad (34°C) and Sportbad (28°C) pools. During the warmer months of May to September, there is also the attractive Garden Pool, or you can even opt for ultimate privacy in the private suite with steamroom. Aside from the beneficial effects that the thermal water can be attributed to, there is also a wealth of exclusive treatments to choose from. Whether this be bespoke massage, a luxurious facial with the finest La Prairie products, or a quick cosmetic laser procedure from Dr Brigitte Bollinger MD, who specialises in dermatology and venereology, these are all on-hand and available from well-trained professionals.

With the explicit goal of bringing you back to optimum health and wellbeing, this hotel offers everything you could possible want on your quest for inner peace and harmony. Whether you’re looking for respite in a princely, ultra-modern, elegant or comfortable style, the resort leaves nothing to be desired.

Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz


7310 Bad Ragaz


+41 81 303 30 30

You can reach Grand Resort Bad Regaz by flying to Zurich with Swiss. More details can be found here |