Disconnect and unwind in an exclusive glass tower located in the Swiss Alps

16 Apr 2015
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Pritzker Prize-winner Thom Mayne of Morphosis architects, has unveiled its design for a 381-metre-tall mirrored hotel tower in Vals, Switzerland.

‘The concept of the sublime–an important philosophical idea describing beauty beyond human measure—arose out of the writings of 18th century British philosophers after traveling through the Swiss Alps. The beauty and mythos of the alpine landscape is imprinted on the cultural imagination; writers, artists, and thinkers from Kant to Casper David Friedrich have routinely used the metaphor of man looking out over peaks as an expression of communion with the eternal.’ – Morphosis.

Morphosis,The American architecture studio led by award winning architect Thom Mayne, have recently released their plans to build an skyscraper-like structure in the Swiss Alps. Named the 7132 tower after the client 7132 Ltd, who manages the resort in Vals, Switzerland. The slender, glassy constructionwill contain 107 guest rooms as well as other resort amenities, including a sky bar, a gallery,a ballroom and a library,and several spas,perfect for accomodating luxury guests who seek sanctuaryin the swiss alpines. This will all be excuted in the most enviromentally sensitiveway possible, ensuring that the hotel is camoflagedinto its natural environment.Mayne claims that”As much as possible, the hotel is a minimalist act that re-iterates the site and offers to the viewer a mirrored, refracted perspective of the landscape,” said Mayne.

It will be Morphosis Architects’ first project in Switzerland and is due for completion in 2019. The building will formpart of the Vals resort, which already includes a hotel as well as a world-famous spa building by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. Morphosis, the LA-based firm is known for buildings including thePerot Museum of Nature and Sciencein Dallas and the Hollywood campus of Emerson College.