DesignTalks | Patrick Stieger

02 Nov 2018
2 min read
As a luxury high-end textile company with a history dating back to 1952, FOUR speaks to CEO and Lead Designer of the sign textiles to find out what makes the brand so successful. 

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Switzerland, in a beautiful village called Teufen in Swiss farm country. It was a wonderful place to grow up. It’s like a picture postcard.

How did you get into your line of work?

My father had a very successful 100% family-owned textile company which he founded in 1962. So I grew up living and breathing textiles, design, and colors. For me it was always clear that I wanted to go into this field. I studied design in San Francisco, and then after a brief time as a race car driver, I returned to the family business, still driving as a semi-professional driver.

Can you explain a bit about the background of thesign textiles and what makes them so special in your opinion?

We have textiles in our DNA. Design, quality, and colors are of utmost importance, as well as excellent service and ethical production. What’s special about thesign to me is a combination of sophisticated artistry and technical expertise that allows us to really push the envelope of new materials and textures. The chance for full creative expression is really unique.

How would you describe the designs of thesign textiles for those who don’t know about them?

Thesign textiles and wallcoverings are the embodiment of luxury. They’re a sensual experience too. You need to see and touch them. Thesign is current design as well as modern classics. Exclusive signature colors. Thesign is fresh and playful, but always timeless. And the absolute highest quality.

What is usually your initial brief for the designs?

Be playful and free to create. We want to be better with every collection we launch.

Where do you get inspiration for the designs you create?

From nature, people, little details, architecture, interior design and daily inspirations. To create wonderful things is wonderful work, and the more you love it, the easier it gets.
Then another inspiration is car design from the 50s and 60s. Especially the Italian carmakers inspire me.

Do you have a signature design style that’s apparent in all your work?

Yes, I do have a signature design style which you see in everything we make. Our design style also evolves and changes slightly from year to year. That’s where we are good at!

Do you have a favourite design?

My favourite designs are always the ones we’re launching next. You fall in love with the new creations. In general I love silks and natural fibers. Key are the colors, they are the most important part.

Where and how did you source the products, materials, and craftsmen for the projects?

Our products come from Italy and Switzerland, with a small portion from the rest of Europe. This area of Switzerland is known historically for textiles, so we’re very lucky to be here. We have many long-standing relationships to draw from. We really believe in local European production and work only with the finest craftspeople and best companies to guarantee the highest quality and service.

How important is it to you to support local craftsmen in your interior design projects?

It is very important to us to support local craftspeople and we have always done it this way. Again, this is part of our textile DNA.

What’s next?

We will launch an inspiring, all-new collection for 2019 with wonderful colors and signature designs. We want to keep growing creatively and as a signature brand.


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