DesignTalks | Mang Mauritz

17 Oct 2017
2 min read
Creating unique and beautiful interiors from the heart of Munich, Mang Mauritz is at the forefront of interior architecture and design.

Where did you grow up?

Stefan Mauritz: I grew up in Munich, Bavaria.

Thomas Mang: I grew up in Lake Constance, Bavaria.


How did you get into your line of work?

Mauritz: I started by studying Architecture in Munich and London, before going to work at Rolls-Royce and Philipp Plein.

Mang: I also studied Architecture in Munich, before interning in New York, Chicago, and Switzerland.


Can you explain a bit about the background of Mang Mauritz and what makes the company so special in your opinion?

Mang Mauritz is a team of 10 architects, specialized in the integrated work of architecture and interior design. The idea behind our daily work is to follow a holistic approach of combining exterior and interior aspects.


How would you describe the designs/services of Mang Mauritz for those who don’t know about the company?

We seek to offer a special service to our clients. We do our work in close proximity to our customers, we practice a dialogue while realizing a project and we always try to understand the very special needs and individual desires of our clients. Munich is a place with lots of history in manufacturing and craftsmanship. Our aim is to integrate traditional production techniques into our daily work. By this we collaborate with manufacturers like austrian furniture designer Stefan Knopp or the Nymphenburg porcelain factory in Munich, Bavaria.


How would you describe the designs in general? Do you have a recent favorite and why?

One of our favorite producers is the italian furniture designer PROMEMORIA. Further we do highly appreciate the quality and the unique collections of Barovier&Toso.


Where do you get inspiration for the designs your create?

We travel a lot. Especially inspiring to us are the antique markets in New York, London, Paris and Milan.


Do you have a signature design style that is apparent in all of your work?

What you will always get when working with us is classic elegance – and perfection.


Where and how did you source the products, materials and craftsmen for the projects?

There are plenty of partners and suppliers we like to deal with since many years, such as Donghia from the U.S. or Philippe Hurel from France. It’s all about keeping one’s eyes open and being always on the search for something that attracts your attention in its very own way.


What have you been working on recently?

We’ve been working on the largest hotel suite all over Europe. It will take some more weeks until we are allowed to talk about …


What’s next?

There are always some villas waiting to get some attention.