Design Talks with Stockinger

10 Feb 2017
4 min read
FOUR speaks to CEO and managing partner of bespoke safe designers Stockinger, Matthias Fitzthum, to find out what goes into making the world’s most beautiful safes

Where did you grow up?

Well, globally, as I am a passionate regatta sailor and free skier from a Salzburg (Austria) entrepreneurial family, have studied Commercial Science at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, worked many years successfully abroad and have been in charge of internationally operating premium- and luxury brands for over 25 years. I founded own corporations in Austria, France, Germany and Russia since 2005, since 2015 I became a business angel & strategic investor for startups and luxury brands.

How did you get into your line of work?

My personal starting point was high end marketing and exclusive events with superstars (Prince, Joe Cocker, B.B. King, etc.) as live acts, then we were additionally focusing on creative strategic approaches for internationally expanding brands. As a third column we had to integrate personal interim management in order to realize our ideas developed within marketing and strategic consulting. From my point of view, outstanding management consultants are not only brilliant analysts and strategists but most of all creative personalities with character and many years of experience.

Can you explain a bit about the background of Stockinger and what makes them so special in your opinion?

Stockinger was founded in 1978, since then whenever developing a new safe, we have a clear aim: To build the world´s best and finest safe. Uncompromising security, perfect craftsmanship, totally individual exterior and interior design. Masterpieces for people that are only satisfied by the best. Thus, Stockinger safes have a home in the high nobilities’ residences as well as in the villas and yachts of top-athletes and film stars, businessmen’s penthouses, and private collectors’ lofts. Customers whom we value more than anything, but whom we would never talk about – discretion is sacred to us.

How would you describe the designs that Stockinger have produced for those who don’t know about them?

With the aim to create and increase wealth for our families and future generations, it´s also our responsibility and duty to protect our precious collectibles, especially during the present days and its contemporary handling. Our manufacture in Germany creates finest bespoke safes, exclusive vault rooms and the world’s leading precision watch winder cabinets. Since 1978 no Stockinger safe could be opened by force and we will do anything to keep it that way. Our focus is on timeless designs with a touch of modern details, which will be highly appreciated today and by our client´s future generations.

What was your initial brief for the designs?

When Hans Stockinger started building safes in Munich in 1978, he hada vision: He did not only want to built the world’s most secure safes, but the world’s most beautiful safes as well. Safes that integrate perfectly into elegant private interiors and that were meant to free the valuable collections of passionate owners of jewelry, watches and art from grey safe deposit boxes and cellar safes. Today, more than 30 years later, this vision is as alive as before, and is mirrored in every impeccable detail of our safes.

Can you tell me a bit more about yourdesigns in general, do you have a favourite?

Your style is unique. Why should you content yourself with an off-the-peg safe? Each safe leaving our manufacture is tailor made and corresponds on its entire esthetic exactly to the style and passion of its new owner.

A safe in the exact color of your darling car? No problem. Surface colors and structures, handles, fittings, applications – almost any wish can be fufilled. Innumerable design variants can be realized in our manufacture. They all have in common the claim to craftsman’s perfection in their embodiment and finish. For example, incomparable color depth is generated by up to 18 layers of varnish – more than for a Steinway grand piano.

Our passion for impeccable details is shown by the tailor-made interior equipment: Drawers of vaporized stainless steel contain bespoke inserts for e.g. jewelry, watches, documents, art or weapons. And the world’s best precision watch winders control every single automatic watch individually, exactly pursuant to the respective watch model specifications. My personal favourite is the Stockinger PHOENIX 70V with seventy precision watch winders for high-end watch collectors.

Where do you get inspiration for the designs you create?

I am getting my inspirations from yacht- & architectural design masterminds as well as from art and nature. Being an enthused sailor and skier, I grew up on boats and up in the mountains, were you get millions of impressions daily. Today we are creating unique high security products for every client, developed with empathy and professional craftsman´s know-how, proudly hand made in perfection in Germany and Switzerland.

Having worked in the creative industry for decades helps a lot in finding new approaches and astonishing solutions.

Do you have a signaturedesignstyle that is apparent in all of your work?

Our product specification steadily follows three columns:

  • Impeccable quality in every detail.
  • Perfect craftsmanship, hand made in Germany and Switzerland.
  • Outstanding design, timeless and superior.

We are well known for creating the world´s most exclusive safes / vaults, each 100% custom made, exactly according to our client´s requirements & visions.

​Where and how did you source the products, materials and craftsmen for the projects?

There is a reason why desirable luxury brands enthuse consumers – such brands are the result of accurate planning, consistent implementation and perfection in detail, realized by an extensive team. More than 30 experts participate in the production of each Stockinger safe: Industrial and graphic designers, metal workers and varnishers, saddlers and sewers, etc. All components are hand made in Germany or Switzerland. The secret of Stockinger’s success is the team spirit, some employees are on board since 26 years, all of them got tons of experience in this business. It takes decades to set up a manufacture like this and it is an honour to be the skipper of this outstanding team.

​How important is it to you that you support local craftsmen in your interiordesignprojects?

Our manufacture established local partners for hundreds of details, the permanent evolution and innovative design of technical solutions makes us so strong and unique. We are counting by 100% on local craftsmen.

My favourite quote therefore is: “Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.” Sir Henry Royce

Whats next?

We are currently structuring and enlarging our international dealer network in order to set up an international luxury brand for finest safes / vaults and world’s best precision watch winders.Additionally we are developing amazing product lines for yacht aficionados and collectors of jewels and jewelry.

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