Design Talks with Saar Zafrir

13 Jan 2017
2 min read
​FOUR speaks to Amsterdam based-designer Saar Zafrir about his latest innovative project at luxury resort, The Brown Beach House Croatia…

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Israel and grew up in Tel Aviv.

​How did ​your Tel Aviv childhood inspire you?

​I grew up on the coast, in a city on the Mediterranean Sea, so I was always fascinated with the mixture of urban life ​paired with the relaxing atmosphere of the beach.

How did you get into your line of work

After ​working ​12 year​s​in thecapitalmarket​s sector, I decided to take a year sabbaticaland during that time I purchased an apartment in Tel Aviv. I made it my project to design the space all by myself and fell in love with interior design. Needless to say, I never returned to finance and the rest is history…

How would you describe Brown Beach House Croatia’s new design to those who have never visited it​?

​The Brown Beach House Croatia’s design is a comfortable and inviting luxurious approach to the coastal resort. The color and material design of the property creates a relaxing and warm environment for guests to tune out the world and enjoy the wonders of the Adriatic seaside.

Can you tell me more about the project?

This April the Brown Beach House Croatia will have its grand re-openingfor the Spring/Summer season with the unveiling of 24 additional luxury suites, full-service spa and the incredible Cartina restaurant.

Where do you find inspirations for your projects?

In the case of the Brown Beach House Croatia, the inspiration came from the property’s history and Trogir’s vast influences. The Roman period of control over Trogir inspired me to recreatethe grandeur of the Roman empire with the marble design of the resort’s poolside and coastal area, while the property’s former use as a Tobacco shipping station inspired my use of wooden notes.

Where and how did you source the products​ and​materials for the project?

Most of the furniture throughout the Brown Beach House Croatiais custom-designed by myself mixed with a few key pieces from Eiccholtz (my favorite Dutch brand) and Italian, Spanish and Swiss designs.

How important is it to you that you support local craftsmen in your interior design projects?

​I love working with local craftsmen in my projects to infuse​unique ​stylistic elementsfrom a specific area​​ into my properties​.

Do you have a favourite project from all the designs you have created?

Most definitely The Brown Beach House Croatia. It has been amazing working with The Brown Hotels group and I am excited to unveil the beach club, additional luxury suites andspa this Spring/Summer.

Favourite restaurant, bar or interior that you wish you had designed?


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