Where did you grow up?

​I was born in Liege, Belgium and lived in Belgium until the age of 19 years old. I then moved to Los Angeles, California. I have never left againsince as I considerAmerica to behome to me now.


How did you get into your line of work

​I got very lucky!I had created a Myspace blog with some of the work I had done for my houses in Belgium and I got discovered by a client that is a fashion mogul in the States. He saw my work and propose me to design his new ranch in Malibu, California. I said yes and moved right away to L.A anddesigned the houses. My client saw how much potential I had so he immediately got me more work kept me busy for months. Ihad a chance to design projects around the world including a private jet and a yacht.


How would you describe the design of your latest property in Beverly Hills to those who have never visited it?

​I recently had the idea to open a company that specializesindesigning houses with everything ready to be bought on the market.I teamed up with my business partner, Summer Chapin, and we opened Premier Stagers. This is new in the design industry and isalso proving to be a very succesfull business.We have been extremely busy and are working on high end homes around the world.We are in an economy where the high-end custumer wants theirhome to be ready right away and not wait months to get it designed.The design is of the Beverly Hills Estates is a mix of traditional East Hamptons-style with a touch of modernity added by the white furniture. It’s a great house for a family as the house is sitting a private lot on the top of the hills.


What was your initial brief for the property?

​We didn’t haveany. When I design I’m always doing what I think is right for the house.It’s a case by case situation. I like to respect the initial architure of the house but always like to ad a twist to it. I always add something that will created a impact for the costumer. My goal is always to created something that was not done before. ​​


Can you tell me a bit more about the project and yourdesigns in general, do you have a favourite?

​The house was completly renovated on the inside and outside. We kept the bone of the house but with clearupdates to what people requirenowadays. The architecture is Spanish/Mediteranean, but the fact that we used a colour palette that is around grey and black made it more East Coast looking. It’s a mix between Ralph Lauren and Minotti. I like to mix and match style in the most unexpected way possible. After all this is what made me the designer I became.


Where do you get inspiration for the designs you create?

​It’s a good question that I can’t really answer. I think in general I don’t realisethat everything around me inspiresme. I get inspired from old movies and fashion, even just a colour can be very inspiring. I’m a bit of a sponge and Ikeep everything in my brain and have a very visual memory.


Do you have a signaturedesignstyle that is apparent in all of your interiors?

I believeI do because peopleknow when I have designed a house that it’s clearly me that has doneit. I dont really see it myself because for me it’s not something I do on purpose, it’sjust the way I design.

Where and how did you source the products, materials and craftsmen for the project?

​I buy things everywhere. I also collect furniture and store them so I always have a lot of options. It’s important to be able to shop in vintage marketsof luxurious retailstores. I think a good designer is someone that has created theirown trend and not just shop a style in store. If you are like me a true creative you can’t help yourself to alter pieces and make them your own signature pieces. ​


How important is it to you that you support local craftsmen in your interiordesignprojects?

​It’s everything! I always make modifications on the items that I use tofurnish a house, so I’m very loyal to my craftspeople and have work with them since I started. I have people all over the world depending what I need; glass and crystal from Italy, fabrics from Marrocco, wood from the States…I gather a very large artisan list that know how I work and are always successful inmakingmy vision, or idea, become reality. I design houses like a couturier so without my craft people I’m noone.

Favourite hotel, bar or interior that you have designed?

​I don t have a favorite project really because they are all so different, but I recently design and created the flagship store for Bonuage in Beverly hills. It’s a pastry shop that createsexquisite desserts. The design is stunning and the ambiance is so elegant. I adore spending time over there as it’s a kind of a fantasy land.