Design Talks with Julia Knight

03 Aug 2018
3 min read
FOUR speaks to the infamous designer who creates timeless service ware and luxurious accessories that are bold, flirty and fun and elevate any occasion to the next level.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in New York and lived in Paris after going to Brown University in Rhode Island.


How did you get into your line of work?

Living in Paris, I was always so moved by how important sharing a meal is with friends and family. And I have always loved “l’art de la table”. Hosting parties as intimate as dinner for two or elaborate as a large party has always been a passion of mine.

I’m also a serial entrepreneur. This is the fourth company that I have started and run. And they all involved my passion for food and entertaining.


Can you explain a bit about the background of the Julia Knight Collection and what makes the products so special in your opinion?

One of my trademarks is “Five Minutes to Fabulous” This is all about how you can make a fabulous presentation of even the simplest food in just five minutes. We all know that presentation is just as important and preparation. My serveware makes it easy to make your own personal style statement.

Using the ancient art of sand-casting, my serveware is handmade of aluminum and each piece is hand-painted with my trademark blend of vibrant pastels and jewel-toned enamels infused with crushed Mother of Pearl. Offered in an array of sumptuous coordinating colors, my pieces have a durable, high gloss, food safe finish that will remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

How would you describe the most recent collection for those who don’t know about them?  

One of the most unique things about my collections is that they range in personality and style from opulent gold to “By the Sea” to ultra modern.  My newest collections are Eclipse, Cascade and Sierra -all modern with an organic feel, great use of natural materials and totally artisan made.  I was inspired to create our Cascade Collection while I was traveling through the majestic Colorado landscapes.  The ever-changing horizon is the inspiration for the edge on these unique bowls.  Our Eclipse Collection is rooted in my love of Raku pottery where every piece is different.  I wanted to translate the ancient beauty of this artwork into durable pieces for modern living.


Can you tell me a bit more about your designs in general? 

One of my favorite things about designing is to design a look for each part of my personality. Entertaining can be great drama or pop musical, euro-scene or fiesta, downtown or hometown, food three days in the making or take out. Whatever your mood, however you like to gather with friends, a few of my pieces are all you need to stage your own personal theatre. I have flashes of modern, a dash of elegant, a global tapestry of colors and a complement of perfect shapes and sizes to help you stage the perfect evening. That’s what I love.


Where do you get inspiration for the designs you create? 

I am endlessly inspired by my global travels and the way people share their food and their homes. I also draw on iconic images from my past such as seahorse from the beaches where I grew up.


Do you have a signature design style that is apparent in all of your work?

I think I am best known for my use of natural materials and new silhouettes. Everything I do has a new texture and finish -from the shimmer of mother of pearl infused enamel to the one of a kind rainbow bronze finishes.

My driving ambition is to create designs that insist on attracting your eye with their unexpected beauty – a beauty that transforms the everyday into something simply and completely wonderful. The designs are meant to be layered: color upon color, pattern upon pattern and shape within shape until a mood is set, an ambiance struck and a beautiful mélange achieved. With every additional pattern, shape, and size, customers are able to expressively combine bowls, trays, glassware and serving pieces to create their own signature statement.


Where and how did you source the products, materials and craftsmen for the projects?

That is a story that is years in the making and a labor of love.


What’s next?

I am currently mesmerized by all that is modern. I am introducing Sierra, a new stainless-steel collection that has two choices of totally new finishes -a rainbow bronze that I designed to look like Raku pottery and an acid washed frost that is crisp and fresh. Both are on a molten golden brass base pedestal.


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