Design Talks with Hannes Tiefenthaler

18 Feb 2018
3 min read
FOUR speaks to Hannes Tiefenthaler, CEO of bespoke premium-quality glasses, exquisite porcelain and precious accessories company Rochini, about haute cuisine and four generations of designers. 

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a wonderful mountain landscape in Austria very close to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany.

How did you get into your line of work?

I started in 2009 as a 100% cross-company in this sector, without any customer and strategic supplier. My philosophy was always to be my own boss with my own company. Before I started with Rochini, I worked as sales manager for cheap volume business at a glass and porcelain company where the price was the most important thing. My vision was to create a high-end concept where the products have their appreciation and where the personal contact with people has priority. My business is 100% a people business.

Can you explain a bit about the background of Rochini and what makes the company so special in your opinion?

Fascination as the raw material of rochini’s world of products. Extraordinary design does not simply comply with the “zeitgeist”. It defines it. All products represented by rochini are made for people who are looking for something special. They appreciate the value of local manufacturers, where products are handmade according to old traditions, but with unique and modern designs. Our clients have two things in common with us: a sense of beauty and a longing for the perfect combination of aesthetics, elegance and functionality. We choose our products according to this premise and also fulfill every customer’s individual wishes. The highest quality material combined with craftsmanship at its best guarantees a pleasing outcome with unique product.

How would you describe the designs of Rochini for those who don’t know about them?

Rochini guarantees every visitor in our experienced showroom a worldwide unique tableware concept on their requested budget. Taylor-made conceptual solutions for your tableware is the fundamental key to the company’s success. Rochini’s concept is unique in the world and therefore regarded as a pioneer in the field. Rochini creates a unique atmosphere at their customer’s table by combining items from collections of different manufacturers and complying with their customer’s requirements – ranging from plates, glasses, cutlery up to accessories.

With my contacts of many years I find the perfect supplier, manufacturer and designer for every customer. Under the slogan “create your own item” Rochini offers its customers the opportunity to develop glasses, porcelain and accessoires according to their individual wishes and ideas and in small quantities.

What trends to be the initial brief for the designs?

Rochini does not follow any trends. Rochini offers timeless concepts, whether this is in Hawaii, Monte Carlo, London, Qatar, Beverly Hills or on an alpine hut in the mountains.

Can you tell me a bit more about your designs in general?

No matter if it is about exclusive glasses, high quality porcelain or valuable accessories, rochini sets the highest standards in terms of design and quality.

The raw material for it is the enthusiasm. Together with the inputs from the chefs we create new individual designs. Moreover we also offer design collections from unique suppliers.

Do you have a favourite?

Natural, high-quality materials that accompany every chef perfectly, without outdoing him/her in their unique dishes. Honest luxury that you feel and see without explanation.

Where do you get inspiration for the designs you create? 

Through a close collaboration with chefs, designers and producers. I´m a fan of cross-thinking-solutions.

Do you have a signature design style that is apparent in all of your work?

Our signature design styles emerge in the creative process in our showroom. Each of our 500 worldwide customers has a personalized concept that is tailored to their needs.

Where and how did you source the products, materials and craftsmen for the projects?

That is our secret. A kind of secret recipe you could say, just like every chef has.

How important is it to you that you support local craftsmen in your interior design projects? 

Very important, we prefer regional craftsmen from central europe, where there is a very personal and intimate friendly relationship.

What’s next?

The exciting thing about project business is that you never know exactly which customer or which project is pending. We are on an excellent path, which we will certainly continue to expand worldwide. Our customers appreciate our knowhow very much.


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