Design Talks | Brinkhaus

22 Feb 2018
2 min read
Brinkhaus has been a leading brand since 1847 and stands for the very highest quality in over 40 countries around the world. FOUR speaks to export director, Rafael Torres about what it takes to remain a market leader in luxury furnishings…

Where did you grow up?

In Hamburg , the 2nd biggest city of Germany.

How did you get into your line of work?

First I have to say that I’m a ‘branded guy’, so this passion began after graduation when I started my career at Montblanc in Hamburg. Secondly, ‘healthy sleep’ has always attracted my attention – and especially the products contributing to this such as duvets, pillows, mattresses.

Can you explain a bit about the background of Brinkhaus? – and what makes the company so special in your opinion?

Brinkhaus has an impressive history of more than 170 years ; we are very proud to be amongst the few selected textile brands at Harrods of London ; next to pillows , duvets we also produce box spring beds and mattresses – everything from one source.

How would you describe the designs of Brinkhaus for those who don’t know about them?

Classic and timeless.

What tends to be the initial brief for the designs?

Our customers come first; it is important to combine function and design to create a long-lasting and modern approach.

Can you tell me a bit more about Brinkhaus designs in general?

We don’t sell ‘fashion’ goods, but instead try to focus around the idea that form follows function – at least to a certain extent. We try to create a consistent design e.g. duvets but with some moderate changes such as squared edges, or our dual construction. ( two individual quilts sewn together)

Do you have a favourite design?

I am a big fan of our newly developed superb CHATEAU duvet which comes in 3 temperature zones and a striking white/gold piping.

Where and how did you source the products, materials and craftsmen for the projects?

We are only working with selected and certified suppliers both for fabrics and fillings ; animal welfare is of great importance to us therefore we have decided to introduce the DOWN PASS certificate for our products with immediate effect.

What’s next?

Our aim will be to further continue to position Brinkhaus in the high-end retail environment all over the globe. We have Brinkhaus corners at Harrod in London, Printemps, Paris, Bloomingdales, Dubai, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong/Shanghai, and in 2018 we will open the next corner at ZUM in Moscow.




The name BRINKHAUS has been synonymous with expertise and quality in premium bedding since 1847. Our company has always aimed to meet the highest standards in design and sleeping comfort. We develop, manufacture and market premium bedding with tradition, innovation and experience – taking care to respect the natural environment at all times.

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