Art and cuisine have never been this close. Christian Awe, one of the most exceptional young artists of our time – pupil of Georg Baselitz and master student of Daniel Richter – and known for his intense colours, expansive and expressive work, has joined forces with an unusual partner. The biggest – and most expensive – cooling freezer in the world for private households has become the artist’s new canvas.

“For years the kitchen and the living area have moved closer together,” says Jan Oetjen, CEO of CoolGiants AG, the general distributor of Sub-Zero and Wolf in

Germany. “But we have never seen such an original realisation.” Christian Awe, a star of the young German art scene, has turned a piece of craftsmanship into a unique artwork. Awe might be used to working on a variety of projects, but the PRO48 cooling freezer was a new challenge even for him. It has taken him four months to create and he describes the process of working with steel as difficult. But once he worked out the colours, the material and the moths, everything fell into place. “It’s fun to venture into new areas,” says Awe. “I always find that fascinating.”

The project was made possible by art agent Jenny Falkenberg, who, earlier this year, has already organised a successful exhibition of Awe’s work in the Old Oberpostdirektion. She says: “Art is alive, especially when it is taken up a step. And in this case, the outcome was particularly successful.”

Awe’s style incorporates exciting image compositions by combining spray paint with acrylic and ink on PVC, canvas or – most recently – on a refrigerator. The price is by request, but FOUR can reveal that this extraordinary piece is estimated at €64,000.

COOL AS ICE can be seen in Hamburg at the Alsterhaus, 4thfloor, Feinschmecker-Boulevard. It’s one of 10 artworks from the same cooperation of the artist with Sub-Zero and Wolf.