Casual Chic at Home

21 Mar 2014
2 min read
A guide to finding your own personality and fashion-forward style for your home interiors, by Maxime Jacquet…

Fashion isn’t just for the runway or Fifth Avenue. Fashion is incorporated into every interior concept I design. It is through fashion that we express our true selves.

When designing for a client, I not only feel the space, I have to feel them as a person. That’s why my projects are more lifestyle-inspired. I’m giving that person a new personality, or rather, I am just modifying the way they express it.

Whether you shop at thrift stores, H&M or Chanel, you must always put your efforts towards self-expression. The way we dress is just as important as the way we speak to and how we treat others. Therefore, when you invite guests over to your house, you want to show who you are! At the end of the day, the design represents you as an individual, and that is what is most attractive about a space, and what makes it a comfortable place to be in.

So how do you do this in your home? Well, I’ve included pictures and tips for ways to suit your personality with the objects in your interior. Interiors + Lifestyle + Luxury is what I do best so let me teach you how to interiorise your life to the Max.

Casual Chic

This is for the man or woman who wants to exude effortless beauty, class and love of life. This would be the perfect design for someone working long hours who wants to relax after a long day. Casual doesn’t mean sweat pants. It entails comfort.


You want to go with warm earthy colours. Whites, beige hues, touches of blue and green. Keep in mind that the colours can come from lovely vases and flowers. Roses are always a nice touch to add to any décor concept. They are a unisex chic and sensual item.


We can’t say enough about comfy fluffy furniture. Linen upholstery or a velvet sofa with lots of feather filling is a great investment because this will be a piece you have for years to come. As it ages, it will get more and more comfortable.

Throws & Rugs

The more texture and soft objects you can put around the space, the better. Faux fur blankets, hide, velvet drapes, these can all deeply enhance the elegance, comfort and intimate level of your interior.


Instead of buying a “trendy” coffee table, try stacking books under a piece of glass and create your own! Improvising with everyday items anywhere in your home will bring a casual and crafty feel. Displaying your cookware in your kitchen on recyclable shelving made out of spoons and forks is a popular and interesting method. Place candles about and keep a nice tranquil scent in the air that is signature to you.

I hope this list of tips and tricks helps you find some personality and eclecticism for your interior. My biggest advice is to never be afraid of being too bold in your interior. You’ll always create the element of surprise and you will keep the energy alive in your home.

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