When Austrian EngineerFranz Moser wanted to cook a meal with his family next to a nearby lake, he couldn’t find portable cooking equipment that was good enough, so decided to make his own. The result is Camp Champ, a luxury travelling kitchen that contains the sort of serious equipment you’d find in a professional kitchen, that cooks for six people and can fold down to the size of a flight case. Camp Champ is a beautiful and original item, modelled on the “campaign furniture” from the Victorian age of exploration. “Franz was inspired by watching Tarzan films as a child,” says the firm’s UK Brand Ambassador Oliver Roberts. “He loved the concept of ‘campaign travel’ – that ‘Around The World In 80 Days’ idea of travelling furniture that had incredibly high standards of design and manufacture and could be packed away and taken anywhere.”

The Camp Champ is constructed from lightweight, robust marine plywood with galvanised steel handles, industrial steel hinges and a laminated work surface. Inside is everything needed to cook a three-course meal for six, including four powerful gas burners, integrated knife block, spice rack, kitchen utensils and even a space for your recycling. The knives and utensils are of the highest quality, having been selected by professional chefs, who also advised on the size of the work surface.

“This is a fully equipped professional kitchen,” says Oliver. “It’s been designed to be used and to be moved.” As Oliver carefully explains how the Camp Champ folds and unfolds, he notes that it can be used in numerous situations, from garden parties and open-air concerts to hunting, shooting and fishing expeditions. “It’s a kitchen that travels, so you can use it in any context you like, and even make memories through adventure and food,” he says. “It could be afternoon tea at Glyndebourne or you could set it up on the tailgate of a Land Rover during a day of country pursuits. You could take it to your ski chalet or have it in the garden for those special al fresco dinner parties with friends who want something more than a barbecue. It’s a must-have for your social calendar.”

The contents have been specifically chosen for Camp Champ’s purposes, with Franz making careful considerations to ensure that each component is of high quality and can withstand the elements. This applies especially to the gas burners, which have to be powerful and controllable, so your food can be cooked in windy conditions. Considerable time and effort went into finding the correct balance between robustness and weight, something he finally solved with the use of marine plywood throughout the construction of Camp Champ. The “campaign furniture” model refers to the luggage transported across continents by colonial adventurers, who travelled through mountains, rivers, jungles and deserts but always insisted on taking the best furniture with them wherever they went.

Such portable furniture, which included everything from four-poster beds to candlesticks, had to be sturdy and efficient, but was also renowned for being exceptionally well crafted and was often very attractive, featuring the best wood and finishings. Camp Champ reflects this golden age of luxurious travel, updating the concept to today but maintaining a Victorian and Edwardian sense of style and adventure. “It’s about experiencing Michelin starred dining,” says Oliver, “in extraordinary places.”

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