Bond’s Little Black Book

05 Mar 2015
2 min read
Although a fictional character, restaurants in the books and films of James Bond were inspired by real locations. There are 72 European eateries around Europe where you can dine like 007.

Throughout all of the James Bond films, there is a recurring theme that stretches through the films and books; great restaurants, in exotic and timeless location, fullof luxury food and wine. And why not…

Bond has always been know to head out for dinner and a shaken martini to some superb spots, either fictional or real. Matt Sherman has wrote a book about the dining experiences of James Bond, based on extensive research on the 56 Bond novels and 26 films he has gathered a list of 72 restaurants that Bond dined at, and where you can also make a reservation.

It’s no doubt that there are a lot in the UK, with a large number in London, where James lived. From the Café Royale to the Dorchester Hotel, the Casino in Monte Carlo and the Le Bar American in Paris, the book is filled with iconic restaurants and bars. In Italy, you can find the beautiful Café Florian, The Cipriani and the Hotel Danieli all in Venice. These veritable institutions have been known for their exquisite atmosphere, excellent service and unique experiences.

The book could be thought of as “Bonds Little Black Book” and instead of a list of those he knows, it is simply his guide to the best spots to eat and drink. Follow Bond around the world for a glimpse into the life of 007.

Take a look at theinfographic created by GoEurofor the complete list of all 72 eateries across Europe where you can dine like 007.