Bliss in Bodrum | LUX* Bodrum Resort & Residences

14 Jun 2019
8 min read
Set on a stunning private peninsula in Bodrum with panoramic views of the Aegean, surrounded by pine-dotted hills and lavishly landscaped gardens, LUX* Bodrum Resort and Residences is paradise found. With its dedication to service and wellness, LUX* Bodrum is unlike any other Turkish resort. FOUR speaks to the team behind the luxurious hotel on the Turquoise Coast to find out more about what makes LUX* Bodrum so special…

Tell us about LUX* Bodrum’s history – when was it founded, what was the goal of the hotel when it opened and how has it changed since opening?

LUX* Bodrum Resort & Residences was found by Dr. Murat Akdoğan when he purchased the 83000 sqm beachfront land in 2014 to build a summer house for his family.  Dr. Murat Akdoğan chose this land as here, the nature is beautiful and the oxygen level is at its highest. He then realized that he needed neighbors to share this beautiful piece of land with, and that is why he decided to build residences – for his future neighbors.

Dr. Murat Akdoğan’s ideas grew on him in time and in 2017 he built a beautiful hotel on the land and choose LUX* Resorts & Hotels to operate this resort over and above the many other international hotel-resort operators. As a result of his entrepreneurial nature, he added a world-class Wellness Centre called Vitalica Wellness in 2019, and with this added value, the resort which was once only open seasonally became a year-round operational resort, which is very unique in Bodrum.

Tell us a bit about the design and concept of LUX* Bodrum?

LUX* Bodrum Resort was built as an environment-friendly hotel that focuses on protecting the surrounding nature. It is awarded a Silver Prize in A’Design Awards – a global competition with various international competitors held in Milano. It is set in an area of pine-clad hills and unique landscaped gardens, surrounded by radiant blue Aegean water, enabling panoramic sea views in all its 91 Rooms and Suites as well as in its 59 Residences and Villas.

The concept of the resort has been created to meet high expectations, and exceed them. Thus, there are a lot of accommodation options with special features like ‘’indoor pool in the suite’’ or ‘’private jacuzzi pool in the garden’’. There is also the Vitalica Wellness concept which is the first of its kind in Turkey within a five-star luxurious hotel.

What makes the hotel so special in your opinion?

Amongst the many reasons that makes LUX* Bodrum Resort very special, I can quickly start with: ‘3 worldwide awards, the unique location, its long private sandy beach (it’s very hard to find a sandy beach in the Bodrum region), delicious food, personalized service delivered by our amazing team members, Vitalica Wellness Center with vitality concept and its organic kitchen’.

Tell us more about LUX* Bodrum’s location, what makes this destination so unique?

LUX* Bodrum Resort is the closest resort to the airport, only 15 km away. It has a private road up to the hill where you can view the beautiful green surrounding fields and see lots of flowers in bloom. This area of Bodrum is especially well-known for being ‘’the location with the highest oxygen level in Turkey’’. The resort boasts a 650m-long private sandy beach which is really rare in the Bodrum region. All of the rooms have a panoramic sea view. There are also a lot of different viewpoints at the resort from which to watch the beautiful sunset.  Because of its own private location on the bay, there are no city lights and thus no light pollution, which makes the stars shine even brighter at night – the perfect place to stargaze.

What do you think is most important to guests when they book accommodation and how do you factor this into the LUX* Bodrum experience?

Most resorts in Turkey are very big properties with maximum bed capacities, elegantly and modernly designed. However, the look of a hotel is not enough itself. The level of quality service, the feeling of being taken good care of, unique memorable experiences and tailor-made services make some resorts more special than others. LUX* Bodrum Resort offers each and every one of these superlative hospitality elements, which makes us stand out. Our aim is to understand and anticipate our guests’ needs better and in doing so, help them celebrate life.

Where does the inspiration for the hotel’s décor come from?

Our focus was to create a space of utmost comfort for our guests and residents without damaging the area’s natural beauty. We used local materials, fine Turkish craftsmanship and authentic local accents to achieve this. The buildings boast a cutting-edge ergonomic design with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow an incredible flow of natural light in. The interiors are bathed in natural tones and feature residential levels of comfort. The overall architecture and design are striking in their form, with clean lines and multifunctional indoor/outdoor living.

Can you tell us any of your favorite highlights (services, facilities, special suites/rooms) from in and around the hotel?

There are a lot of interior and exterior highlights that gain the curiosity and attention of our guests. We have some special services as a part of our brand. Café LUX* is a coffee shop that serves a wide range of coffee options made from original coffee beans alongside delicious deserts. We believe unique and traditional experiences are the ones that make a big difference and lasting impression. So, we have our own ice cream called “ICI”. We also offer a special wine called ScruCap only produced for Lux* Resorts, and this is available onsite along with a variety of well-known international wine brands. Each A’la Carte Restaurant in the resort is unique in its category and features a beautiful seafront view combined with Aegean Style Dining.

“Tree of Wishes” is a heart-warming activity that encourages guests to tie a ribbon around a tree branch and make a wish. “Cinema Paradiso” is an open-air cinema where our guests can enjoy summer nights watching movies under the stars with a beautiful sea-breeze and fresh air. The “Message in a bottle” concept is fun and full of surprises: our guests can spot one of the bottles buried on the beach or hidden in the gardens and win an unexpected reward. Vitalica Wellness Center and its wide range of therapy and treatments offer our guests the perfect regime for relaxation.

As a part of our concept, privacy and comfort come first on our list of priorities. Therefore, our guests can either take accommodation in a suite with a private indoor pool or in a suite with a jacuzzi pool in its own private garden. Our one of a kind Presidential Villa comes with a unique location advantage and specialized features for an unforgettable vacation or special gathering.

Besides all these interior highlights, there are a lot of attractions for our guests near the hotel or in the city. There is a golf course 2km away, various historical places to visit within 15 km as well as bars, restaurants and night clubs within 30km. At certain times of the year, our guests can even go and watch pink flamingos flying by and stopping off at Tuzla Lake – this is a truly magical sight.

LUX* Bodrum has just opened a new wellness center, “Vitalica”. Can you tell us more about this center?

Vitalica Wellness is based on preventive holistic care. It’s a place where our guests can experience complete detox, weightloss, and anti-aging programs that use world-class medical and holistic therapies practiced around the globe.

Our group has a medical hospital and 4 esthetic hospitals in Istanbul, and with our passion for preventive medicine, we have extended our dedicated services to incorporate a focus on well-being into our guests’ dream holiday.

The programs at Vitalica Wellness are tailor-made for each guest, and this personalized plan is carefully curated by a team of experienced doctors. The treatments integrate the authenticity of traditional medicinal systems of the Far East.

What facilities does Vitalica Wellness offer?

We offer 4 different programs with a wide selection of physical, mental and emotional therapies:

  • Intensive Detox Program
  • Health Improvement and Revitalization Program
  • Anti-Aging Program
  • Beauty and Aesthetics Program

Vitalica Wellness combines the most valuable treatments offered by nature and science. It crowns modern medicine with the knowledge of traditional medicine and promises to change your lifestyle by touching your senses deeply…

By using the correct diagnostic and treatment methods, we adopt the “first cause no harm” principle. Your program is created “especially for you” after our doctors’ comprehensive evaluations that include laboratory testing and other diagnostic methods.

With our strength in advanced technology, we are taking our leading position in the health sector and “healthy beauty” procedures to Vitalica Wellness…

Vitalica and its principles are the first of its kind in Turkey, what was the motivation behind opening up this space, and how do you hope guests will perceive it?

Our Founder, Mr. Murat Akdoğan, is a great believer of Preventive Medicine. He remains healthy to this day thanks to his belief in and dedication to a preventive holistic approach to health. Thus, he decided to bring a full-flagged wellness center to Bodrum, as Turkey was lacking such a place and people were having to travel far to get these types of services.

Bodrum offers a wonderful climate for holistic wellness all year round. The warm climate of Bodrum and its high oxygen levels in areas are what wellness gusts need and want. We believe that guests from Europe, the Middle East and all over the world will find it to be the perfect destination for wellness.

What is the Vitalica’s purpose, philosophy and approach to wellness?

Our purpose is to reinterpret historic multi-generational holistic systems using a modern approach. Our signature, tailor-made therapies and wellness programs range from detoxifying to rejuvenating, anti-aging, beauty and aesthetics programs that are designed to maximize each individual’s benefits.

Combined with wellness cuisine, a wide range of tailor-made treatments at Vitalica Wellness will make you feel completely rejuvenated! We invite you to embark on a journey towards balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pillars of your life.

Can you tell us more about the specialized services that Vitalica offers?

Vitalica wellness offers a healthier, longer and more beautiful life. The concept blends the modern and traditional European, Far Eastern, Chinese and Indian medicinal approaches, along with the experience of Ethica and Estethica Hospitals, offering the best wellness concept.

The service that we provide to our guests is not limited to vacation and accommodation. Now, we have another alternative vacation method for our valued guests to experience. With Vitalica Wellness’s “personalized” treatments and the healthy living perspective of Vitalica Healing Restaurant, we would like to invite you on a journey that gives you complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance…

And with our menus offering a wide range of options, our guests can combine customized tailor-made programs with their doctors.

Tell us more about some of the highlights of the bespoke programs offered at Vitalica?

The intensive detox program strengthens your immune system, makes your skin clearer and smoother, slows aging and causes natural weight-loss by removing toxins at the cellular level.

The health improvement and revitalization program is made up of treatments aimed at improving your health weakened by acute illnesses, chronic illnesses and surgical interventions. The rejuvenation program, which focuses on your physical, mental and spiritual health with a holistic approach, is suitable for people who have had physical and mental health problems. Furthermore, people who need rejuvenation, suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and sleep disorders, have nicotine or substance addiction and/or are going through menopause greatly benefit from the program.

The Anti-aging program crowns the health of the young and those who want to remain so with beauty! We are by your side with our highly talented team, our leading position in the health sector and our services that use advanced technology. Aesthetics only have value with health, and health meets beauty at Vitalica Wellness…

The beauty and aesthetics program is a special program designed according to the needs of each person. After analyzing your anatomic structure, age, needs and expectations, our doctors offer holistic solutions that fully match your profile. We crown your health with beauty and aesthetics with our treatments and wellness therapies!

Tell us more about the specifics of how the restaurant and its food works with the programs to support health and organize body rhythm?

The Vitalica Wellness kitchen adopts the philosophy: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!”. This kitchen prepares easily digestible portions that ensure your intake of the macro and micronutrients that your body requires in the right amounts and at the right time to protect, improve and increase your quality of life.

Seasonal, local, fresh and organic superfoods, grains, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fresh fruit and seafood products are used in the Vitalica Wellness kitchen. The fruit and vegetables picked daily from the hotel’s organic garden reach your plates within hours. Each ingredient in the kitchen is carefully selected for their freshness, quality, naturalness and nutritional values. Fish and other seafood are preferred over red meat as a protein source.

The Vitalica Wellness kitchen offers meals designed according to your own biological rhythm which can change significantly throughout the day. With these meals, your body’s biological processes are supported, energy needs are met, and your body makes use of the nutritional components at the optimal level.

What is the end result that guests should expect after visiting Vitalica?

The end results are amazing! You will come to know about your real self and understand your real potential. Our guests return with a healthier body, shiny skin and mental peace. The main purpose of these programs is to cleanse the body from toxins accumulated from bad eating habits, stress, medications and lots more. Here, the guest learns a new healthy lifestyle and eating habits in order to optimize natural detoxification. It also gives a kick-start to the body recovery process. Our guest will feel healthier and stronger – a rejuvenating effect on the body.

What do you think will leave the biggest impression on guests who visit LUX* Bodrum as a whole?

We think the impression will be like an unforgettable journey that our guests would like to experience over and over again.


To find out more about LUX* Bodrum, visit their website.