Between art and food

11 Jul 2015
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Takashi Murakami heads to the party capital to showcase his works in an exhibition being held in Blum & Poe’s Ibiza gallery space.
Art projects Ibiza

Usually known for its hedonism and summer partying, Ibiza is also a haven for artists and creatives alike.At Art projects Ibiza, a partnership between Blum & Poe, they have gone one step further to make this multisensory experience appeal to both art and food lovers.

Displays of internationally acclaimed artist, Takashi Murakami, will appear in various gallery spaces that range from hotels to restaurants within the Art Project’s commissioned sites.

The gallery welcomed Takashi Murakami as its inaugural exhibition, where he will be presenting his multifaceted paintings, sculptures and film screenings.The exhibition will focus on his latest works whilst other pieces of his portfolio will appear in other affiliated art locations around the island including Lune Rouge and HEART Ibiza.

Known for his unique style of combining traditional Japanese cultural aesthetics such as Manga, brushwork, Buddhist motifs, and abstract expressionism and translating them into a modern and almost multidimensional narrative, Murakami’s work takes centre stage against the backdrop of the Ibiza Gran Hotel gallery.

Gourmands will also be pleased as those who head to HEART Ibiza will also get to experience the 2007 “Oval Buddha” bronze relief piece by Takashi. The new restaurant is the brainchild of Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté and Albert and Ferran Adrià of three Michelin star restaurant El Bulli. The modern fine dining establishment will have Takashi’s work as the face of the venue, with the morass of skulls and crows leading the way into the dining room. From there the fun begins with the choice of three gastronomic experiences to choose from including; The Baraka, where art and street food style markets will take their residence, The workshop; which will offer amore conventional type of seated eatery and then LaBoÎte which acts as a live music venue with art installations, modest nightlife and a creative space.

It is the first of its kind and is a remarkable and interactive way to display contemporary art works that come to Ibiza. Perhaps somewhere between art and food will be the way forward with contemporary gallery spaces.

The solo exhibition from Takashi Murakami will be in Ibiza from 24 June –September 2015.

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